With the start of the new year it’s possible to compile all of the Town of Parry Sound Council minutes for 2011. This Adobe Acrobat (PDF) document includes all of the published Council minutes for 2011 in a single file that is simple to search using the standard Acrobat search tools available in the free version of Acrobat.

Want to know what Council decided regarding roads or streets in 2011? Just enter the keyword ‘street’ in the search box and all mentions can be tabbed through. After that search using the keyword ‘road’ and you should have access to all of the reported information. In addition to topic, you can search for by the name of anyone who presented to Council or was a member of town council or staff and participated in a town meeting.

Here is the link to the 2011 minutes as well as the council minutes for 2008 through 2010.

TOPS Council minutes 2011

TOPS Council minutes 2010

TOPS Council minutes 2009

TOPS Council minutes 2008