There was welcome news from the Parry Sound town office this morning a press release announcing that Seguin Township and the Town of Parry Sound (TOPS) agreed to a “boundary adjustment” that will result in some 132 hectares (326 acres or 5.7 million square feet) being added to TOPS. The agreement is subject to the agreement of the affected landowners.

This seems to be a win-win-win. Parry Sound has a little more room to grow and expand its tax base. Seguin no longer has a responsibility to service a very remote part of the township that really was dependent on Parry Sound for any future development. And it means that Seguin will not be responsible for costs related to any rail crossing upgrades required at the Parry Sound Drive / CN intersection. A little less cost, fewer taxpayers requesting service in a remote part of the township, and the goodwill of Parry Sound makes it a win on the Seguin side.

The property owners should also be happy. TOPS has committed to extending Parry Sound Drive through to Oastler Drive (Old Hwy 69), which means there will be the prospect of development and higher land prices. As it now stands the property to be annexed is basically an island in the middle of nowhere, with little possibility of future services and road access as part of Seguin.

And with the extension of Parry Sound Road there will be additional road access to the West Parry Sound Health Centre. With time there may even be a little less traffic on Bowes Street.

Let’s wait to see if the agreement goes through before we start congratulating TOPS and Seguin. But if and when the agreement is finalized we need to acknowledge the foresight shown by all of the parties, in the case of Parry Sound we need to thank our mayor, councilors and staff.

A great start to 2012.

The TOPS press release at their website is available here. I’ve posted a separate copy here if you have any trouble getting it through the town’s website. I’ve also taken a snapshot of Google Maps for the impacted area that provides a little more detail than the map in the press release.