This week’s council agenda resembles a to-do list of items that need to be checked off. I’ve made note of the more interesting items and will report back on any surprises. Because of some travel on my part and the somewhat restricted availability to the agenda package, town hall is closed on Saturday and Sunday and the library is closed on Sunday and Monday, I won’t have a chance to review the council package before Tuesday. So here are my first impressions after reviewing the agenda. I’ll provide my summarized thoughts following the council meeting Tuesday night.

Parry Sound Power’s Power Gen project is back, again, for discussion in a closed session prior to the open portion of the council meeting. The recent rain means there will be income from electricity generation at the power plant.

Interesting and Notable Agenda Items

Items 2.1.1 and 2.1.2, public meeting s related to a couple of rezoning requests seem to be non-controversial.

Item 9.2.1 concerns the purchase of a new trackless tractor plus generator and asphalt heater in the amount of $167,482. I suppose this is in the 2012 budget.

Item 9.4.1 authorizes the Community Development department to solicit proposals to develop an affordable triplex on the Fleck Street road allowance.

Item 9.6.1 relates to Councillor Williams request for the establishment of a committee to investigate the opportunities to privatize some core services provided by the town.

Item 10.4.1 authorizes the town to transfer the property at 66 Emily Street to Habitat for Humanity.

There are a number of additional items on the agenda but these are the ones that struck me as most interesting. Details are provided in the packages available for view at the library and town hall. See you Tuesday night.