just hang tight until the next meeting of Council to get your banner approved.

With a nod to the book, Goodbye, Mr. Chips by English writer James Hilton, I acknowledge my error in assuming Mr. Chips would get approval for his banner at the last town council meeting. It seems staff and council wasn’t sure whether there was or wasn’t a bylaw passed in the past few years that would read on the requested sign variance for 23 Seguin Street. Oh well, there is still much more summer and Mr. Chips shouldn’t suffer too much. It shouldn’t drag out like the municipal assistance program.

But to help the councillors and staff I offer my compilation of all council minutes for the last 4 years (2008-2011) and 2012 to date. The minutes are compiled by year in Adobe Acrobat format that can be easily searched using the free Acrobat Reader. This compilation, in the absence of a published list of approved resolutions and by-laws is my go-to resource to find out what has and hasn’t been approved by council.

2008 TOPS Council Minutes

2009 TOPS Council Minutes

2010 TOPS Council Minutes

2011 TOPS Council Minutes


I apologize for some of the files being a little big. Every so often the town uploads the council meetings as a file that has been scanned, which results in a much, much bigger file. I try to cut it down to size using acrobat Pro and then applying OCR to permit searches, but it still means the over all file is rather large (~10 MB). Perhaps staff can look into addressing this. It will save them disk space and upload time.