Once again there are no critical issues on the agenda that should raise concerns or complaints. Of the items on the agenda the more interesting relate to Mr. Chips and his banner (it looks as though he will be getting it), and the request from the Public Works department to issue purchase orders for capital equipment.

Interesting and Notable Agenda Items

Item 9.2.1, 9.2.2 & 9.2.3, are three separate capital item requests from the Public Works department and include one forklift and two pickup style trucks. The total cost is on the order of $110,000, and all were included in the 2012 Budget. The costs are all below the 2012 budgeted amounts, but you never know if these were sandbagged when the budget was developed (it’s standard management practice to do so). Regardless, if the equipment is needed and budgeted let’s get on with it. The time to discuss whether we need the equipment is well before the budget discussions and not at the purchase order stage.

Item 9.4.1, is a comprehensive accessibility plan. I looked at the proposal in the council package but did not study it. I wouldn’t expect too many issues.

Item 9.4.3, is the Mr. Chips sign (banner) variance approval. There shouldn’t be an issue if the appropriate by-laws have been reviewed.

Item 9.4.4, is a request to revise the sidewalk associated with the Belvedere Heights parking area. The area is under construction right now. Can anyone provide information on where the funding was sourced for this project? The last I knew they were still raising funds and were far from their target. Did an anonymous donor come to the rescue or have public funds been diverted?

There are additional items on the agenda but these are the ones that struck me as most notable. Details are provided in the packages available for view at the library and town hall. I’ll be at the meeting this week. With this week’s meeting I will start reporting only on key points arising out of the council meeting. With the North Star, Moose-FM and the issued meeting minutes there is little I can add on the majority of the issues.