Wow! We have an agenda packed with more than can reasonably fit into the allotted three hour space. I have summarized the highlights (as I see them) and leave you to check out the agenda for other items of interest. [I apologize for the late posting of this preview. The council package was not to be found at the library as late as noon on Saturday, so I was required to step away from work earlier today to go over the package in the town hall lobby. Now that’s a nuisance. How about making it available online? Or providing me with a copy?]

Agenda Highlights:

4.2 – Correspondence: Seguin Township seems to be amenable to the transfer of Georgian Greens to Parry Sound. The only sticky condition seems to be the requirement that Seguin be reimbursed for $100,000 of expenses related to Georgian Greens. We’ll see how interested Georgian Greens is in becoming part of Parry Sound. If they want to make it happen the $100,000 is a relatively minor expense. This probably won’t be discussed at the meeting but will be followed up by staff with updates as appropriate.

4.5 – Correspondence: The DBA provided a letter regarding the parking rate increase. Reading their submitted materials it seems they have resigned themselves to an increase and will try and limit the amount of the increase. I have already expressed my position on this matter.

9.2.1 – Resolution: A request to secure bids for the decommissioned ambulances. If we are lucky we won’t need to pay for their disposal. They seem to have gone from bad to worse.

9.2.2 – Resolution: A request to accept the IBI report on the Argyle EMS volunteer station. It’s a detailed report that I didn’t have time to review.

9.3.1 – Resolution: A request to offer the closed Fleck Street Road allowance to 905888 Ontario (Morley Tucci) at no charge in exchange for building a triplex on the site. This is conditioned on the landlord for ten years charging a below market rate for the units which will offered to families on the District Social Service Administration Board waiting list.

9.3.2 – Direction: This is a recommendation that no further action be taken with respect to the issue of fences. The council package includes a significant discussion of fences and the issues that surround them. It’s worth reading.

9.3.3 – Resolutions: This is a series of resolutions concerning taxi regulations that I really can’t figure out from my skim through the materials. I hope that council will provide a clear idea of what the proposed resolutions mean to town residents and the taxi services.

9.4.1 – Resolutions: This covers rules regarding the use of social media by town staff on the job and at home. I guess it’s okay but I wish the town was providing direction to staff on what they should be doing to communicate town activities with residents, not what they shouldn’t be doing. The town’s current social media policy is poor. Getting information on official town events relies on the newspaper and a substandard website. How about using some of the ‘push’ media available to advise residents about upcoming events they subscribe to? This could range from upcoming council meetings to the schedule for free skating at the BOCC. It’s really not that hard, the Chamber does a great job of getting out the news on Twitter.

9.4.2 – Resolution: Acceptance of the town’s 2011 Audited Consolidated Financial Statements.

10.3.1 – By-law: Rezoning of properties on Louisa Street to permit development of residential housing.

10.3.2 – By-law: The St. Andrews parking lot is up for either a one or three year lease. From what I can tell the town is leasing the parking lot for $1,000 annually for use as a public parking area. Any revenues received in excess of the $1,000 lease amount will be remitted to the church. It seems like a win-win. The town will cover the costs of snow removal and repair.

10.3.3 – By-laws: And the feature match for this council meeting is an increase in parking rates and tickets for expired meetings. In one corner is the DBA, and in the other is town staff. Town staff is recommending that hourly parking rates be increased to $0.75. The DBA wants rates to be frozen at the Year 2000 rates. Current Vegas odds put town staff as a 3 to 1 favourites ;-). This could be quick or we could see council members tap dancing around the issue. How about a recorded vote?

10.5.2 – By-law: It looks as though we’ll be serving Pepsi-Cola at the Bobby Orr Community Centre and the Charles W. Stockey Centre. Like at least one of the council members my preference is Coke Zero. But hey, if it can shave a little more off the budget gap I’m all for it.

Have that cup of coffee, or Pepsi, before the meeting to get your shot of caffeine. It will be a long meeting. I wonder if we’ll have an official timekeeper for the session.

See you there. [Dang, I hate having to write these on Monday evenings.]

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Bridge Art - Burn