It’s time for another meeting of Council. This week’s agenda doesn’t have the same type of public interest items as the October 2nd meeting, but there is business that needs to be taken care of.

What I don’t see on the agenda, and I wonder when it will come up, is the matter of the town’s plans with respect to the public transit system. This was supposed to be a September agenda item if I remember correctly with an analysis and recommendation to be presented. My understanding is that there are three major issues: the lack of ridership, the cost of providing the service, and the significant (and costly) requirements to make the service compliant with new provincial accessibility regulations. Tick, tick, tick.

Agenda Highlights:

4.1, 4.2, 4.3 – three letters regarding the proposed elimination of crossing guards. This seems to be a no-brainer as I see it. It’s relatively inexpensive (in the big scheme of things), the money stays in town, and most importantly it does improve safety for our children. When I no longer see the weekly summary of arrests for DWI and careless driving in the North Star I may have some confidence that the kids are safe walking to school without the need for crossing guards. In the meantime let’s find other areas in which to save money, or use some of the increased parking fee revenues, and keep the crossing guards.

4.4 – a letter from Vianet requesting rental space on the north water tower to provide their services. I’m okay with this, so long as Vianet as part of the rental consideration provides free internet service to the Parry Sound Public Library. Funding of the service will be ending shortly and it seems that Vianet could score a public relations win at no real cost to them. Win-win-win-win.

9.1.1, 9.1.2 – resolutions to accept bids on providing winter sand and snow removal services. Adams Brothers is the low price bidder for both.

9.1.4 – a resolution to accept a bid for a new dump and plow truck ($182,000 plus HST). Let me guess, it will be painted red.

9.3.1 – a resolution to accept a proposal to build a by-law garage for the ‘Inspector Gadget’ vehicle. The price is not listed in the agenda package and will be provided at the meeting.

9.3.2 – a resolution and direction related to the crossing safety guard issue and other community safety issues. Let’s see what this is all about at the meeting.

9.4.1 – a resolution to permit staff and council to meet with Seguin Township to discuss the recent boundary adjustment overtures from property owners.

9.4.2 – a resolution to involve town staff in developing an implementation plan for the expansion of the Downtown Business Association boundaries in conjunction with the DBA.

10.3.1 – a by-law to close the road shore allowance related to the old pump house. This seems the last part of getting the property ready to put on the market.

10.3.2 – a by-law to enter into a three year agreement with St. Andrew’s for the town to lease and manage the St. Andrew’s Parking lot as a municipal parking area. As requested by council this is effectively a ‘profit sharing’ rather than a ‘revenue sharing’ agreement. Makes sense to me. Let’s get it done.

That’s it. See you Tuesday night. There are several more items on the agenda. Check out the town website for the full agenda and head over to the the library or town office to review the council package.

Bridge Art – Rise & Shine

Bridge Art - Rise & Shine