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The Associated Press is reporting that a derailment south of Louisville Kentucky has resulted in a tanker car fire that required evacuation of all residents in a 1.2 mile radius of the accident. And although the derailment occurred Wednesday, the evacuation is in place indefinitely. That’s now two days and counting.

For some perspective, that covers an area larger than the town of Parry Sound. Good thing we all know what to do in case of a similar emergency in town. (We do don’t we?) With one bridge, one trestle, several overpasses and a winding track trough town, we need to be aware of the risks and prepared to act quickly. That’s just to ensure there is no loss of life. Damage to property and the environment are a whole different, but no less important, issue.

There are natural disasters and there are man-made disasters. In the case of the latter, companies find that it’s cheaper to clean up the mess than to invest in preventing them.