This week’s meeting looks light in comparison to the December 2nd meeting. If you recall, multiple issues relates to the sale of the former water pump house property were pushed back to December 4th. While it doesn’t mean that the sale of the pump house will be an issue, there are an increasing number of parties with an opinion about its disposition, and multiple issues to deal with. This week’s agenda includes the preparation of a number of additional town properties for sale. Some of them being quite attractive for residential development.

Agenda Highlights:

4.2 – is a letter requesting permission to cut through pavement for the installation of a natural gas line. I’m note quite sure what this is about but with the cost of electric heat, it seems the cost effective thing to do. Remember when Ontario Hydro was pushing electric heating as an efficient and cost effective way to heat your house?

9.1.1, 9.1.2 – relates to the purchase and disposal of ambulances (about $230,000 plus taxes). This is largely a formality as council oversees this service for the region but actually is responsible for only a small portion of the cost. Item 10.2.1 is related, a by-law to enter into an agreement with Burk’s Falls to lease an emergency services medical station.

9.3.1, 10.3.1are a direction and a by-law to prepare lots on Tower Hill and on Isabella for sale. The lots on Tower Hill are particularly attractive as residential lots, if you are willing to live on a steep hill. The views are great and the train shouldn’t be too much of a bother.

9.3.2 – is a resolution to discontinue discussions with a firm for advertising on town benches. Good. We really don’t need to be ‘trashing’ up the town with this type of advertising for $1,000 per year (10 benches). Shouldn’t staff time be spent on bigger opportunities?

9.4.2 – the town will be renewing its general insurance for $220,000 (tax included). This seems to be a relative bargain.

9.4.3 – is a direction for town staff to follow up on the recommendations of the Rail Safety Committee. There really is not that much we can do as a town, but we need to do all we can to ensure the safety of the public when it comes to the rail lines running through town.

9.6.1 – is a direction to grant Councillor Keith permission to attend a meeting to discuss vandalism at the booster station. It seems this is something out of a Flintstone’s cartoon. Remember the song lyric – “Someday, maybe Fred will win the fight, and that cat will stay out for the night”? As I remember from my experience in high school a few decades ago, there are some kids who have a bad attitude and time to waste. Trying to stay ahead of them, or escalating the issue, is more work than it is worth. But it’s not clear what is the right thing to do, so I wish council the best in finding a solution.

There are additional issues on the agenda, but none that I see as mission critical. To make things a little easier for you I have a direct link to the agenda that is hosted at this site. Unfortunately you still need to go the library or town hall to review the council package.

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