There is very little on the agenda this week of any real importance. There are only a limited number of agenda items. The closed portion of the meeting does have Parry Sound Hydro Corporation on the agenda. I suspect they are further discussing the generation upgrade.

Correspondence and Deputations:

4.1 – One letter was received, it was from the Ontario Ministry of Education in response to council’s letter asking for provincial involvement in the Near North School Board decision to move the Grade 7 and 8 students. The letter basically says that this is a local rather than provincial issue and that everybody needs to pay attention to good communication regarding decisions. I can agree with that.

5.1, 5.2 – Two deputations are scheduled, both from companies presenting their capabilities, presumably in hopes of capturing new business.

Agenda Highlights:

2.1.1 – is a public meeting to review the proposed rezoning for the ‘Age in Place’ facility. I’ve seen the available information. It seems non-controversial.

9.2.1 – is a direction to advise the public that the fees for cemetery services will be increased. This gets the fees closer to the actual costs, with higher fees for non-residents.

9.4.1 – comments and revisions to the town’s official plan are back on the agenda as a direction to staff.

9.6.1 – is a resolution arising from the Mayors-Chiefs-Reeves meeting held on February 6th regarding the low water levels in the Great Lakes. It basically requests action be taken to study and address the problem. It’s a start. The council package contains a report of the actual meeting that is worth reviewing. I have requested an electronic copy of the document that I can share with the public.

10.2.1 – is a by-law to enter into an agreement with a provider to supply family assistance services for town employees.

10.2.2 – another by-law, this one to increase fees for certain services provided by the town. This is all part of closing the budget gap. I guess this is reasonable as it increases costs for those who use the services and spares those that don’t. None of the increases seems egregious.

That’s it. I skipped none of the agenda items. And as long as none of the councillors takes more than the time allotted for their report we will be out of there no later than 8:30, even with the rezoning session. See you there.

If you didn’t get out on the trails this past weekend you missed the very best weekend of the winter so far. We are lucky to have the trails we do, so go out and enjoy them. I did, which explains in part why this post is a little later than usual. I’ve posted below one of the many photos I took over the weekend. It’s a late afternoon shot from the North Shore Rugged Trail.

I have turned the many Bridge Art photos into a couple of short videos. Take a look if you want to be reminded of what can be found behind the Rotary Algonquin Regiment Fitness Trail bridges. Here’s a link to where they are hosted at ParrySights. This site posts up a daily photo that features life in and around Parry Sound. One of the town councillors was featured February 1st, so take a peek.

The Sound – As Cold as Ice