Agenda Highlights:

Correspondence and Deputations:

4.1, 4.2, 4.3 – there are three letters of correspondence. All three are interesting in their own way, and I offer a few comments.

Near North District School Board (NNDSB) is requesting quick town review and approval for investments in water supply, road upgrades and sidewalks. The NNDSB is prepared to make these investments at their own cost, but with town approval. It is not that simple of course. The NNDSB also included proposals for the Town of Parry sound to co-invest in upgrades to these investments that would improve town facilities, at a price that could exceed $500,000. And they want a quick decision to allow pre-construction of the new school to start this spring. I’m sure this will be a topic for the budget discussion review on the 6th.

The West Parry Sound District Museum Board is requesting a $25,000 grant for 2013. This is a regular request and represents the direct financial support the Town of Parry Sound provides to the museum, in addition to the outstanding loan.

The Belvedere Heights Board has presented the 2013 annual levy for Belvedere Heights. The amount for 2013 is a little less than $100,000. What is interesting is the attachment that lists the weighted assessments for the various surrounding communities. Parry Sound’s ’weighted’ assessment is about $717 million and Carling’s is $775 million. The assessment for the Township of the Archipelago’s is $1.7 billion, and for Seguin almost $2.8 billion. These figures provide a good idea of where the ‘money’ really is, as far as property assessments are concerned and makes one wonder why some communities are so reticent to support facilities in other municipalities that their own residents regularly use. Oh, yeah, it’s because they like to keep their taxes low for the benefit of the seasonal residents who claim they don’t use those services.

There are no scheduled deputations this week.

Resolutions and Directions to Staff

9.1.1 – is resolution to discontinue negotiations with Creative Outdoor Advertising. This is the group that would place benches in Parry Sound with advertising on the back. I’m not sure why the discussions are being terminated but I’m in agreement. The upside to the town was on the order of $1,000 per year and would have, in m opinion, ‘junked’ up the town. If the councillors would like to see more revenue from advertising perhaps should consider placards, sort of like the Bobby Orr Community Centre, displayed at council meetings that would be seen during the council meeting replays on Cogeco. Each of the councillors could have their own brand in front of their microphone. Some councillors would be able to get more than others for their their ‘seat’ location based on their actual contributions at the council meetings.

9.2.1 – is a direction to develop a records retention policy.

9.4.2 – Ribfest is back for 2013, from July 11th to 14th. This is a resolution to lift the noise restrictions for the duration of the event.

9.5.1, 9.5.2 – these are a pair of resolutions to accept the annual water treatment and waste water reports. These reports make for rather interesting reading. I’ll probably prepare a post next week summarizing the town’s water operations.

9.5.3 – this is a resolution to accept the proposed video surveillance policy. It’s worth noting that the town regularly has video surveillance of the Municipal Office, the water booster station at Church and Isabella (the high school challenge), the dog pound, the public works yard and the transfer station. So, be on your best behaviour when in these area – you’re on candid camera. The policy and program makes sense to me.

9.6.2 – this is a resolution to accept the IBI Report recommendation for the Argyle EMS station.


10.2.1 – is a by-law to increase the cemetery fees, and follows last meeting’s acceptance of the fee increase by council (about 10%).

10.4.1 – is a by-law to renew, with revisions, the Now That’s Catering agreement for catering services at the Stockey Centre. The revised agreement provides the Stockey Centre with a little more flexibility with respect to food privileges for non-profit organizations.

10.4.2 – is a by-law to rezone town property for the proposed Age in Place development beside Canadore College. At this point I find the proposed rezoning non-controversial and look forward to the start of construction.

10.4.3 – is a by-law to declare surplus and put up for sale the lots carved out of the William Street Park. This is the next step of the planned disposal of town property to capture value for the properties and to spur additional development. The town is proposing to put the proceeds into a reserve.

10.4.4 – another by-law, this one to close up the Sarah and Clara Street road allowances. These are small non-existent streets off George Street and the process is part of the preparations for the sale of lots on George Street. This of course will ultimately depend on the agreement of the province as the lands proposed for rezoning and eventual development were given to the town with the provision that they were to be used for non-residential and commercial uses.

There’s a bit more on the agenda, but really not worth mentioning here. See you tonight (I will be there).

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