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I haven’t been posting much about the railways for the last few months. Part of it relates to other priorities, but last year I was on the Parry Sound Rail Safety Committee, and wanted to focus on local safety issues. Our recommendations have been accepted by Parry Sound town council and we’ll see what comes of it.

But I see CN has been particularly busy getting themselves into trouble over the last few months. Stuff happens, but if the railways were held to the same standards as the airlines – freight and passenger, they would not skate out of the eye of the public as easily as they seem to.

Here’s a nice overview (Railroaded – A String of CN Derailments in March) of what CN has been up to in the month of March. I wonder if they are starting to wear out their welcome south of the border.

How do you feel about the Keystone XL pipeline? It seems as though it may be the lesser of two evils, if the alternative is having CN transport the crude by rail.

Ah! The Romance of the Rails. (February 2012)