This week’s meeting was surprisingly short. If it were not for presentations, deputations and the councillors reports the business portion of the meeting would have taken less than an hour. No surprises either. That’s good I guess. Surprises are not what businesses want from governments. Please refer to my earlier council meeting preview notes for additional details on the separate agenda items.

Councillors and Mayor Reports, Questions of Staff

Council has been busy attending committee and community meetings since the last session of council. There was little of importance reported by mayor and councillors. It was stated that the OPP is reporting fewer crimes in and around Parry Sound.

The new Director of Emergency and Protective Services,  Dave Thompson, was introduced.

Correspondence and Deputations

4.1 – a request from L and H Motors regarding a suggested transient license fee was passed on to town staff for follow up.

4.2 – the Parry Sound Canoe club’s request for approval and the necessary land access to build a storage facility and dock in the Williams Street or Yvonne Williams Parks was noted and forwarded to staff.

4.3 – a request to declare May 5-11 Hospice Palliative Care Week was approved by council.

4.4 – the Parry Sound Dragon Boat Festival organizers request for support of their annual dragon boat festival was forwarded to staff.

4.6 – the owner’s of the Dairy Queen request for reimbursement/credit for excessive water costs related to a malfunction of their equipment was added to the agenda, and was later rejected by council. See agenda item 9.2.1.

5.1 – Stop the Drop, a group concerned by dropping water levels in Georgian Bay and the Great Lakes made a presentation on their group and its objectives. Council agreed to follow up on their request for non-financial town support of the group’s activities.

5.2 – the town’s municipal by-law enforcement officer presented the provincial requirements for a the town’s new accessibility plan.

Consent Agenda

There was nothing on the Consent Agenda.

Resolutions and Directions to Staff

9.2.1 – the request for credit/reimbursement of water and sewer charges by the Dairy Queen’s owners, 4.6 above, was denied.

9.2.2 – council approved reimbursement of two years of over payments for water and sewer charges concerning 12 Belvedere. Staff was instructed to secure the necessary records to see if additional credits were due for the town’s billing errors.

9.3.2 – council rejected the one tender offer received for the town’s Old Pump House (Waterworks). Council agreed to solicit offers from real estate agents to list the property for sale through a more traditional real estate sale process.

9.3.3 – council approved the sale of the three separate lots on William Street for a total of $150,000.

9.3.4 – the 168-unit condominium development on the property behind the homes on Emily Street was given support in principle by council. The support is largely limited to applying for grants to upgrade services necessary for the development.

9.3.5 – a resolution to send the Ministry of Natural Resources a letter objecting to their decision to assess certain properties in Parry Sound with respect to being provincially significant wetlands was approved by council.

9.3.6 – Canadore College’s new sign proposal was accepted by council.

9.3.7 – a later addition to the agenda was the approval of a sign variance. Because it was a late addition to the published agenda, and not included in the council package, and neither council nor staff explained what it was – I have no idea what they approved. I’ll send a note to council asking that this type of oversight in failing to advise the public of what they are reviewing not be repeated. It’s probably a minor sign variance, but this type of oversight still reflects poorly on staff and council.

9.5.1 – council passed a resolution to accept portions of the town’s 2013 Accessibility Plan. There was little discussion, and there appears to be much more involved than is easily understood or explained. The Parry Sound plan seems to be an adaptation of the general provincial template. Interested parties should contact the town office for details.


10.2.1 – council passed a by-law accepting the 2013 budget and striking the tax rate for this year. One again I suggest you contact the town for information on the budget to understand what is and isn’t included.

There was more, but nothing I saw as important or interesting. Please refer to the official minutes that are published on the town’s website and available by contacting the town office.

Wrestling Serpents. The Waubuno Beach Storm Drain has Been Vanquished.

Waubuno Beach - May 2013