This week’s council meeting does not seem to include any items that are ‘controversial’. The open meeting required as part of the rezoning of the property on Louisa Street is up this week, as are rezoning items related to the recently sold town properties on Isabella and Fleck Streets. There is also a proposal on the agenda to upgrade the Skate Park.

The new town planner will be Taylor Elgie, currently/previously a planner with the District of Muskoka. Although this has not been officially announced, I think, it’s pretty obvious from looking at the agenda mention of a new employment contract and a quick Google search.

Public Meeting

2.1.1 – A public meeting to consider a proposed Zoning By-law amendment to re-designate to Highway/Service Commercial the properties on the east side of Louisa Street adjacent to the Canadian Tire Gas Bar. This amendment was originally raised in an earlier council meeting as a request to modify the Town’s Official Plan. This meeting seemingly constitutes the public comment portion of the review and approval process.


4.1 – Jane Jones, Chair of Artists Round The Sound (ARTS) thanking the Town for approving their application for the 2013 Municipal Assistance Program (MAP).

4.2 – Peter Istvan, an update on the success of the Pedaling for Parkinson’s event that raised $92,000.00.

4.3 – Donald Sanderson, Chief Executive Officer, West Parry Sound Health Centre requesting a contribution of $5,000 to support physician retention and recruitment.

4.4 – a letter from or MP, Tony Clement, responding to Council’s letter regarding rail safety in light of the Lac-Mégantic tragedy. The letter largely addresses issues of rail safety that are important but do not reasonably impact the risks in Parry Sound. The risks that might have a direct impact on our town are noted and mention is made that they have been forwarded to the appropriate ministry for consideration.

4.5 – District of Parry Sound Domestic Violence Coordinating Committee inviting participation in the 10th Annual Walk for Community Safety on Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013.


5.1 – Sarah Ridgley, YMCA Employment Service, regarding employments services offered by the Y.

Consent Agenda

There is nothing on the Consent Agenda.

Resolutions and Directions to Staff

9.1.1. – the proposed closure of the existing Burritt Street and Isabella/Hillcrest Street intersection. Burritt will now make a sharp turn and intersect with Isabella Street directly.

9.4.1 – the audited Consolidated Financial Statements for the year ended December 31, 2012 are presented. I’ll provide my comments in a separate post after I’ve had a little time to study them in more detail.

9.4.2 – the 2014 Budget Schedule is being proposed. The process kicks off in September with final approval scheduled for late April or early May 2014.

9.5.1 – a Consent Application to subdivide a lot at 68 Church Street/4 Station Street.

9.5.2 – rezoning of the former Fleck Street Road Allowance to permit a multi-unit residence.

9.5.3 – a resolution requesting approval of $4,900 plus GST to remove a concrete block obstruction off the side of the Smelter Wharf. This follows an inspection of the wharf which produced a report that included this and several other recommendations.

9.5.4 – a resolution for approval of a ~$40,000 proposal to deliver and install modular skate park equipment. This follows up Council’s approval in principle to move ahead with the Skate Park upgrade.


10.3.1 – changes to the Town’s records retention by-law.

10.4.1 – a letter of agreement with MTO for Dedicated Gas Tax Funds to support public transportation. I thought there was supposed to be a review of the town’s public transportation program with recommendations. I know there were discussions but I don’t believe final recommendations were issued.

10.5.1 – a rezoning application for the former Town Waterworks Standpipe Property. This rezoning permits the construction of a multi-unit dwelling and was the subject of a public meeting where some local residents objected to a rezoning.

That’s pretty much it. See you Tuesday.

Moon and Venus Over Parry Sound (August 2013)


Note: All agenda items may not be listed above. I often skip items that have little material impact on the town. The full agenda can be found at the town’s website (