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Sigh! Followed by an even bigger sigh!

Remember those bullies from elementary and high school? Well they grow up and do the same thing, but they try and do it more subtly. They are still the same frightened cowards.

Remember my deputation to Parry Sound Council about my concerns regarding a memorial tree program? Okay, you’re forgiven if you’ve forgotten it. I suggested that any plan for a memorial tree program be prepared in the context of an overall parks plan. My thought was that we need to consider the uses of the park areas and identify where trees would be appropriate, or not. I also suggested that a memorial tree program might well serve as an unofficial burial site and promote the spreading of ashes in our public spaces.

Well this led to my ‘spanking’ in the town newspaper in an anonymously penned ‘opinion’ column. I spoke with the editor and left it at that. This all went down over a month ago.

Well the cowards in town seem intent on trying a little bullying.

In the mail today I received a letter. It was typed and unsigned. I have provided a snapshot of the letter. (Click on it to read a larger copy.)

My response?

“If you want to say something, stand up and say it. But take credit and responsibility for what you say. Don’t be a chicken sh*t bully.”

The Letter Says it All