Last night’s meeting provided no real surprises. I thought that Council indirectly provided Staff with some direction in terms of how the town should handle it’s history as an industrial centre. The direction was to embrace the history of the town and not try to put a veneer of polish on it through a renaming process. This was evidenced by Council’s decision to reject the proposal to rename Smelter Wharf to Sunset Wharf (a good decision in my opinion), or solicit input on a renaming of Salt Dock Road. (A question for Staff and local residents – is it Smelter Wharf or Smelters Wharf? The sign down as the wharf reads Smelter Wharf, singular – not possessive, but the council agenda and at least one Councillor refer to it as Smelters Wharf.)

Beyond this there were no real surprises in Council’s discussion and decisions. The meeting was over by 9:05.

Questions of Staff and Councillors Report Notes

1. The sidewalk on Cascade Street at the CN crossing will need to be modified. This will delay the installation of the crossing gates until later this year. [I’m a bit surprised that this has only now been identified as an issue, this is a project that has been in the works for more than a year.]

2. There will be an advanced green light at the intersection of Bowes and Forest Street.

Correspondence and Deputations

4.3 – this item which relates to a letter to Council concerning an issue of excessive noise associated with the operation of the new Pioneer gas bar was followed up by a deputation at the meeting. Council directed By-law to look into the concern.

Resolutions and Directions to Staff

9.1.1 – Municipal Dog License Program (Direction); Council to direct Staff to prepare a new Animal Control By-law for Council’s consideration at the November 5, 2013 meeting. [CARRIED – with a reduction to $50 in the fine for failure to report a change in status of dog ownership (death, move, …).]

9.1.2 – Reallocating Feral Cat Funding (Direction); Council to direct staff to use the Feral Cat Program funding in the amount of $3500 to host a Spay/Neuter Day event in November 2013 in partnership with the Barrie OSPCA High Volume Spay/Neuter Clinic. [CARRIED – with positive support from Council]

9.2.1 – Mission Park Playground Equipment (Resolution); request that a ‘web climber’ playground structure be purchased from ABC Recreation at a cost of a little more than $32,000 plus HST. About two-thirds of the funds are coming from funds raised by the community. [CARRIED – some questions were asked regarding the durability and warranty of the equipment. Apparently Sudbury has three of these units and are quite pleased with them.]

9.4.1 – Renaming Smelter Wharf (Resolution); request that upon the recommendation of the Waterfront Advisory Committee, Council rename Smelter Wharf to Sunset Wharf. [DEFEATED – Council feels there is merit in celebrating, rather than ignoring, the Town’s past.]

9.4.2 – Renaming Salt Dock Road (Direction); request of Council that upon the recommendation of the Waterfront Advisory Committee, Council direct staff to seek public input on the name change of Salt Dock Road from residents on Salt Dock Road. [DEFEATED – see 9.4.1 for one of the considerations in Council’s decision. It was also noted that asking residents to change their address would be expensive and burdensome.]

9.4.3 – ‘Seattle’ and ‘Atlantic’ Anchors (Direction); another recommendation of the Waterfront Advisory Committee, in this case asking Council to direct Staff to work with Belvedere Heights regarding a plan to relocate the ‘Seattle’ and ‘Atlantic’ anchors to the Stockey Centre. [CARRIED – Council will be communicating with Belvedere Heights regarding responsibility for the costs of landscaping at Belvedere related to the relocation of the anchors.]

9.4.4 – Council Approved Sign Application (Resolution); request to authorize the Chief Building Official to issue a Sign Permit for a sign on the Bowes Street Road allowance in front of number 80. [CARRIED – no discussion.]

9.5.1 – Parry Sound Canoe Club, (Direction); request that Council direct Staff to prepare a lease agreement between the Town and the Parry Sound Canoe Club for the use of property adjacent to the William Street Park. [CARRIED – with recommendation that it be located at the east end of Yvonne Williams Park. It was noted by one councillor that the Town had sold premium lots adjacent to William Street Park whose use and value would be compromised by a canoe club building. The original William Street Park site also presented issues with existing infrastructure.]

9.5.2 – Wakefield & Dufferin Reconstruction Funding (Direction); request that Council identify the rehabilitation of Wakefield Street and Dufferin Street as the highest priority item for the Small, Rural and Northern Municipal Infrastructure Fund – Capital Program. [CARRIED.]

9.6.1 – Airport – Found Aircraft Debt Deferral, (Resolution); request that Council approves the deferral of the long term debt principal and interest payments related to the Found Aircraft Canada leases at the Parry Sound Area Municipal Airport Commission. [CARRIED]


10.1.1 – EMS Contract Renewal (By-law) to authorize the execution of an agreement between the West Parry Sound Health Centre and the Town of Parry Sound for the provision of Emergency Medical Services for three years (2014-2016). [CARRIED.]

10.1.2 – Emergency Plan Identified Positions (By-law) naming David Thompson, Peter Brown and Jesse Langford as the Town’s emergency contact personnel. Also a By-law to amend By-law 2004-4669, a By-law to adopt a Emergency Management Program, and to repeal By-law 2011 – 6006. [CARRIED.]

10.2.1 – Closed Meeting Investigator Fee Increase, (By-law) appointing Local Authority Services Ltd. as Parry Sound’s Closed Meeting Investigator and to repeal By-law 2007-5127. [CARRIED.]

10.4.1 – Fleck Street Service Manager Housing Facility Agreement, (By-law) to authorize the execution of a Service Manager Housing Facility Agreement between the District of Parry Sound Social Services Administration Board, 905888 Ontario Inc. and the Town of Parry Sound. [CARRIED.]

10.4.2 – Fleck Street Purchase and Sale Agreement, (By-law) to authorize the execution of an Agreement of Purchase and Sale between 905888 Ontario Inc. and the Town of Parry Sound. [CARRIED.]

10.6.1 – Parry Sound Area Airport Commission Representation, (By-law) to amend the Airport Commission Agreement with the Township of Seguin. [CARRIED.]

These notes review only those portions of the council meeting that I see as having greater importance or general community interest. See my agenda preview posts for additional comments.

The official minutes from council meetings are available at the Town of Parry Sound website, no later than the Friday following the meeting. The full council proceeding are available on video through Cogeco. Schedule details are available from the town office (705-746-2101).

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