It looks like a rather light meeting agenda in terms of the number of listed items. I don’t expect that it will last beyond 8:30 or so.

Closed Session

In the closed session of Council the only obvious interesting topic concerns the pending acquisition or disposition of land regarding Parry Sound Power/Lakeland Holdings.


5.1 – Wayne Simpson of Wayne Simpson & Associates. Deputation. Regarding a consent application for Parry Sound Dock Limited. [No information is provided in the council package regarding this deputation.]

Consent Agenda

8.1 – Resolution on Joint and Several Liability Insurance – Randy Pettapiece, M.P.P. Perth-Wellington. Resolution. That Council support this resolution in the Ontario Legislature to limit the Town’s liability risks with letters to Mr. Pettapiece and numerous Ontario associations.

Resolutions and Direction To Staff

9.3.1 – Stop The Great Lakes Nuclear Dump. Resolution. Parrry Sound sends letters urging the Governments of Canada and Ontario to reject (and seek alternatives to) Ontario Power Generation’s proposal to bury radioactive nuclear waste in the Great Lakes Basin. [Seems a reasonable course of action by the Town. I’m not sure what the alternatives are. The USA is dealing with similar issues regarding the safe storage of expired nuclear power plant fuel. In their case they are proposing to bury it in Nevada, but are meeting considerable opposition.]

9.4.1 – Trails Master Plan. Direction. That Council direct staff to explore partnership opportunities for a Trails Master Plan and, as appropriate, specifications for a Request for Proposal be developed and advertised. [Both Seguin and McDougall townships have dropped out of a project to develop a trails master plan for reasons that I don’t understand. The Town is proposing to partner with other local non-municipal trail groups. The R&R notes that trails are an increasingly important driver of local economic growth.]  

9.4.2 – Big Sound Marina Operations. Direction. Council direct staff to prepare an operational plan that would see Big Sound Marina operated in-house through the Department of Development and Leisure Services with facility and grounds to be maintained by the Department of Public Works; and Council direct staff to include the provision for both seasonal and transient services in the operational plan; and the report be brought forward to the February 18, 2014 Council meeting. [My sense is that the Town, out of necessity, intends to go into competition with its taxpayers by operating a marina with seasonal dockage. (Disclosure, my extended family operates a marina in Parry Sound.) It seems no private businesses expressed interest in operating the facility even though they had been offered the opportunity to service both seasonal and transient boaters. I’ll also be interested in seeing how the Town blends union and non-union staff at the Big Sound Marina (dock staff and maintenance staff). I suspect they will need to depend heavily on summer students. The R&R indicates that they do not intend to ‘undercut’ the local marinas in terms of seasonal dockage, but adding in another supplier (the Town) will surely reduce income for others unless there is an influx of new seasonal boaters. It’s actually a rather complex issue with the net/net that it seems the Town wants to limit its losses on operating the Big Sound Marina by taking seasonal dockage income from local businesses. There is no simple solution but I hope they ‘consult’ with the in-town marinas.]

9.4.3 – Film Location Guidebook. Direction. Council adopts the Parry Sound Film Location Guidebook per Schedule ‘A’ attached. [A how-to work with the Town manual for companies wishing to do on location filming in Parry Sound.]

9.4.4 – Sign By-law Variance (10 Bay Street). Resolution. Staff are directed to issue a permit for a Sign at 10 Bay Street according to the application submitted. [This relates to the new Boston Pizza. It’s a little confusing. It seems the sign does not comply with local by-laws but Staff is recommending it be permitted.]

9.6.1 – Market Square Park Proposal. Direction. Council direct staff to co-ordinate consultation meeting(s) with representatives from the Legion, Summer Market, Art in the Park, Downtown Business Association (DBA) and Town staff regarding the proposed changes to Market Square Park and Council direct staff to provide the DBA with a letter advising them that any changes to Town-owned property require prior approval from Council. [A follow up to last meeting’s deputation regarding a grant application by the DBA to support ‘enhancements’ to Market Square Park. The list of parties to be co-ordinated all have activities that take place in the park.]


10.2.1 – Land Ambulance Services Grant (LASG) Transfer Payment Framework. By-law. To authorize the execution of an agreement between Town of Parry Sound and the Province regarding transfer payments to support the land ambulance services that are overseen by Parry Sound.

10.2.2 – Fire Dispatch Agreement. By-law. To authorize the execution of an agreement between Parry Sound and West Parry Sound Health Centre regarding fire dispatch services. [I hadn’t realized that the health centre provides this service to the Town. The price is quite reasonable at about $7K per year, and certainly fits with the existing health centre’s emergency activities.]

10.4.1 – Stockey Centre Rental Rates. By-law Amendment. To amend by-law 2010-5408 regarding fees and service charges for the Town and to repeal By-law 2012 – 6110. [A bit of fiddling with rates to find the best blend of pricing to encourage more use of the Stockey Centre.]

On the Trail Again (North Shore Rugged Trail) (Parry Sound in Black & White)


I won’t be at this meeting but hope that the people interested in serving on Council will start attending. It’s important to understand what you are signing up for. It’s not as simple as it might seem.

Note: Not all agenda items are covered here. I typically skip items that have little material impact on the town. These items include simple requests for Tag Days (permission to canvas), Awareness Weeks/Months, road closures for civic events, and the like. Want to see everything that is on the agenda along with the supporting documents? The full package can be found at the town’s website (