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holes. Potholes. What did you think I was referring to?

With the recent ‘southern tour’ by Toronto’s mayor it’s worth investigating his number one claim to fame, curbing the city’s spending. When asked about his other ‘charming’ shortcomings on  Jimmy Kimmel Live he responded, “Is that all I got? I guess they don’t talk about all the money I’ve saved.”

Well I know where he has saved a whole bunch of money – road repairs. I was in Toronto yesterday in the Bayview/Lawrence area, close to Sunnybrook Hospital. I had some time to drive through the rather ‘tony’ surrounding neighbourhoods.

Well Rob must be saving money by not repairing the roads and filling the potholes. The condition of the roads in this upscale part of Toronto are much worse that anything we have in Parry Sound. That doesn’t mean we should relax our standards but it may explain why Torontonians come north to visit. Between the 400 north of Barrie and the roads in Parry Sound they probably haven’t had such a smooth ride.

The Rob Ford show continues much to the chagrin of Torontonians and the delight of the rest of the world. I can see him eventually reaching the pinnacle of success as one of Madame Tussauds dummies. I think his California trip is part of a campaign to get into their Hollywood museum. How about we all save some money and just give him a job standing in for a wax replica. He really can only be appreciated doing what he does, and LA seems the perfect place for him to do it.