not before one last mention of a bit of obfuscation by a member of Council. As was pointed out to me by a reader, Councillor McCauley in his councillor report at Tuesday’s meeting ‘overlooked’ mentioning that three members of the Downtown Business Association (DBA) board had resigned at the DBA Board meeting the previous week. These reports by councillors are a bit like oral book reports. They take the time to let people know that they actually attended board and committee meetings, and to share the important items related to those meetings. This is often taken as an opportunity to share relatively inconsequential information, but better to provide more information rather than less. The omission by Councillor McCauley to mention the resignations of half the DBA Board because of Council’s dismissal of the DBA Chair Lis McWalter is inexcusable. As you sow so shall you reap.

Enough is enough, it’s up to the DBA and Council to decide what’s next, if anything, regarding the dismissal of Ms. McWalter. I have offered my suggestions. With only three members now on the DBA Board, including Councillor McCauley, it will be interesting to see how quickly they fill the empty board seats.

I’m going to let this issue rest until the start of election campaigning in the Fall. So be prepared Councillors, I will be in the audience and I will ask you about the DBA Chair’s dismissal and how you intend to act in the future when faced with a similar situation. Extra points will be awarded to Councillors who adopt Rob Ford defense tactics.

Empty Seats on the DBA Board with Chilly Prospects. (Parry Sound in Black & White)