on the dismissal of the Chair of the Parry Sound Downtown Business Association. Well how about I just point you to the recent reporting on the issue in the Parry Sound North Star (April 23, 2014)? You can either read it in the newspaper or online (I prefer the paper version, it’s all in one place). There is an article, a letter to the editor, and an editorial (all above the fold) that do a great job of capturing the community reaction and response to the dismissal of Ms. McWalter.

One last thought. Parry Sound Town Council should repeal Resolution 2014 – 056, restore Ms. McWalter to the position of Chair of the Downtown Business Association, ask Councillor McCauley to swap his seat on the DBA Board with another councillor, and ask the DBA Board members who resigned from the board to return. Council did an about face with meters on Bay Street, they have reversed resolutions and by-laws, and I have seen councillors swap board and committee responsibilities. We all make mistakes and this is the season of sacrifice and forgiveness

It’s All Water Over the Dam? (Parry Sound in Black & White)