This is a short summary of the the Council meeting last night. I left after item 9.1.1, roof repairs for the Stockey Centre. I was pretty sure that the remaining issues were going to be approved with no meaningful discussion. I’ll take a look at the meeting minutes when they are published later this week and will issue a post if there are any surprises.

There were no surprises in the portion of the meeting I attended. Some of the more interesting comments/discussions included:

1. There will be trials of LED street lights. The objective is to reduce energy use and costs.
2. At the FONOM (Federation of Northern Ontario Municipalities) meeting the issue of revised OPP costs was the hot topic. Many of the municipalities have been able to get policing services at little or no cost and are concerned by the prospect of increased costs with the recent OPP pricing proposal.
3. The Stockey Centre roof repair, Item 9.1.1, was approved in the amount of a bit less than $160,000. A couple of things are worth noting. There is no warranty on the repairs which will start in the Fall, so let’s hope for the best. This is only the first part of expected repairs, there is a need for additional work on the roof at some future date that will cost about the same amount, so we are looking at a $320,000 repair job for a roof that’s ten years old.

That’s pretty much it. Check the Town’s website for the minutes when they are issued, no later than Friday. Speaking of the Town website, aren’t we supposed to get a better, more user friendly website? Oh well, I guess what we have is ‘good enough’.

Double Deckers, Zooming By (Parry Sound in Black & White)