Although I didn’t attend the meeting last Tuesday I thought it might be useful to summarize the decisions of Council for those issues noted in my council Meeting Preview post. No surprises.

The minutes issued by the Town offer some additional information that relates to questions of Staff. Here’s a link to the page – choose the correct date and you are good to go.

9.1.3 – Direction. Disposal of Town Lands – 1 Emily Street. CARRIED. This is a 1,300 sq. ft. property on the edge of Emily as you turn right off of Parry Sound Road and seems to have fallen to the Town as a result of defaulted tax payments.

9.5.2 – Direction. Hillcrest Ave Storm Sewer Follow Up Report. CARRIED. The recommendation is that the Town hires the services of an engineer to design a replacement for the existing sewers which are in dire need of repair/replacement. Current options range from about $150,000 to $1 million depending on the option chosen.

10.1.1 – By-Law. Sale of Town-owned Lands: Georgian Bay Airways. CARRIED. This finalizes the sale of the property to GBA for $7,500. I will note that this is higher than the amount originally proposed ($1,000). It seems fair in my opinion.

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