A new Council has been elected and in the meantime there is business to be taken care of. A number of issues need to be moved forward before the new Council convenes at the first meeting of December. There is nothing on the agenda that would benefit from having the new Council member fingerprints on the evidence. A couple of decisions are being made but the big stuff awaits December.

With that said here are the items that most interest me.

4.1 – Letter. CBDC letter outlining Parry Sound’s business community’s suggestions for growth and competitiveness in the form of a website/OR code creation with a request for funding assistance. More on this as Item 9.2.1.

4.2, 4.7 – Letters. Correspondence regarding the All Ontario Native Fastball Championships Tournament. This follows on earlier concerns that these individuals expressed regarding the tournament and the facilities provided by the Town. I’m at a loss to understand whether or not there is an issue, or it’s a clash between expectations and reality. The Town woiuld like to sweep this under the carpet, but it keeps crawling out.

5.1 – Deputation. Parking Committee Presentation – Research on Free Parking and the Enforcement. This promises to be interesting and follows up the Mayor’s effort to staunch the uprising that occurred in the Spring when meters were being proposed for Bay Street. I have a real suggestion for the Town. Consider leasing the parking lot on James Street across from the theatre to the Downtown Business Association. Make the rate reasonable. Then the Downtown Business Association can allow this parking area to be free to encourage shoppers downtown. This lot is very rarely full and is right on the ‘strip’. So it should be a win-win. That leaves on-street parking metered. If you want free parking it’s there, if you want convenience you need to pay for it. I imagine that people will complain that the lot, even though it’s centrally located, is too far away and the on-street parknig should also be free. Boo-hoo!

9.1.1 – Resolution. Francis Pegahmagabow Commemoration Location. The proposal is to locate it on the Stockey Centre property to the right as you face the complex. Great location and a bit of respect for one of our greatest citizens. Now, will the Town invest a little on landscaping and maintenance to properly honour this individual?

9.2.1 – Resolution. CBDC’s Request for Funding to Assist with Business Growth & Competitiveness. It’s only $5,300 but who uses QR codes? They are so last decade. But hey, what do I know. (Yup, nothing that’s why this blog is so much fun to read.)

9.5.1 – Direction. 2015 OPP Billing for Police Services. That staff prepare a letter, signed by the Mayor, to be sent to the Hon. Kathleen Wynne, Premier of Ontario and the Hon. Yasir Naqvi, Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services, advocating for increased provincial funding to offset the costs of providing court security, charged to municipalities, for Provincial Courts. So the great OPP savings may not be as great as we hoped. Bummer.

10.1.1 – By-law. James St. and Mary St. All Way Stop. Well that was pretty quick and a necessary addition for pedestrian safety. Any chance of a stop sign along Gibson Street to slow down the OPP as they speed back to their waterfront offices? Shouldn’t they be setting a better example for the citizenry?

And that folks is all that strikes me as being of any real importance. You may disagree and I encourage you to check out the full agenda at the Town’s website. I won’t be there on Tuesday night so take notes and post them up.

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