There were no surprises at a short Tuesday meeting. There were goodbyes for Councillors McCauley and Williams who both chose not to run for office. Well there was perhaps one surprise as Councillor Borneman presided over the meeting in the absence of Mayor McGarvey.

5.1 – Deputation. Jackie Boggs, Deputy Clerk/Returning Officer regarding the 2014 Municipal Election Statistics. The presentation was brief and the materials are available on the Town’s website – here’s the link. (You will need to click a couple of the links to figure out what’s what.) I intend to slice and dice the data and present my take on the numbers in a post next week. There is some interesting information here beyond the voting implications.

8.2 – Resolution. OPP Billing Model for Unorganized Townships. CARRIED. The Town is joining with other Ontario municipalities by means of a letter to request the provincial government ensure that residents in unincorporated townships who receive OPP services pay at least some portion of that cost.

9.1.1 – Resolution. CBDC’s Request for Funding to Assist with Business Growth & Competitiveness. CARRIED. As expected, Council found some unallocated funds to support this project.

9.1.2 – Resolution. Sail Parry Sound – Request for Permission to Make Improvements/Renovations/Addition. CARRIED.

9.2.1 – Resolution. Council of The Town of Parry Sound authorize the immediate disposal of an ambulance to the Britt and Area Fire Department. CARRIED. The Britt and Area EMS station will be receiving one of the vehicles a little bit early. Staff made a convincing argument that this will not compromise local service. It demonstrates why it’s important to have a plan and good people to manage it.

9.3.1 – Resolution. 2015 Council Meeting Dates. CARRIEDBasically every first and third Tuesday of the month with a few exceptions.

Orion Rising. (Parry Sound in Four Colour)



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