Well that’s the kind of enthusiasm Parry Sound can use. Last night’s meeting included four separate deputations and the common theme for three of them was enthusiasm, ideas and the energy to make things happen. It started with a nice tight summary of what the Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve has been up to and where they are headed. This was followed by a rousing suggestion of building a more vibrant arts community that involves the adaptive reuse of the Old Fire Hall. There was mention of a PS I Love You theme as part of the arts initiative. (A little more on this below.) Not losing any momentum, there was a presentation from the 8-80 committee on getting the Town moving literally and figuratively. All-in-all it was well done and Council seemed to respond positively. We can always use more energy and enthusiasm. The fourth deputation? It was unscheduled and was from a supplier pitching on employee benefits management. They are the current supplier and it seems they may have been underbid by a competitor and are trying to make sure they don’t lose the business. Their revised pitch reduces their cost by about $43,000 (12% reduction) but exposes us to a little more risk.

Nothing of note arose in the questions of Staff or the Councillor reports. Here is an update on the key discussions and decisions. Refer to my preview post or the agenda package at the Town’s website for more detail on the actual issues and background material.

4.1 – Letter. Water damage due to construction Wakefield St. FORWARDED to STAFF.

4.2 – Letter. High water levels on Lake Manitouwabing. FORWARDED to STAFF.

5.1, 5.2, 5.3, 5.4 – Deputations. See comments in introduction.

9.1.2 – Direction. Rezoning Application, Waltmar Inc., 2 Oastler Park Drive. WITHDRAWN. Item was apparently withdrawn although no explanation was offered.

9.1.3 – Resolution. Report – Monitoring of Residential Construction. CARRIED. The report was accepted by Council with the additional request that Staff return in two months with a draft by-law defining the obligations of new building projects with respect to water flow management. It appears the town does not want to get involved in ‘refereeing’ these issues but wants to make it clear that new construction requires a consideration of their impact on surface water flow for neighbouring properties. I agree. A formal by-law will make it easier for neighbours to pursue civil recourse if there is a problem. But let’s see what comes back to Council.

9.3.1 – Resolution. Lay Appointments to Boards, Committees and Commissions. CARRIED.

9.4.1 – Resolution. Revised 2015 Budget Schedule. CARRIED. The January 16th meeting was moved back an hour and now starts at 6:00. There will be an opportunity for deputations by members of the community should they wish to provide input to the budget. Yes, you get the chance to make a statement. You can of course send a letter to Council with your comments, requests and suggestions.

9.5.1 – Resolution. Energy Management Plan for the Town of Parry Sound. CARRIED.

Remember I made mention that the theme ‘PS I Love You’ was raised as part of the presentation regarding the Old Fire Hall and an expanded local arts scene?? Here’s one of about a couple dozen similarly themed T-shirt designs and logos I worked on earlier this year. I like the idea of using the I Love Parry Sound theme. Let’s do something with it.

PS I Love You (Parry Sound in Four Different Colours)