This is a quick summary of the events last night. This post won’t include the background to the issues that faced Council. Here’s a link to the meeting preview that lays out the key issues as it seemed was facing Council.

The meeting was short and Council decisive, perhaps sharpening up their rhetoric and saving their words for tonight’s budget discussion. The only real issue that arose in the questions of Staff was the request for a path through the snowbank on William Street around the Isabella Street intersection. Staff will return to Council with a report and recommendation.


4.1, 4.2, 4.3 – Installation of audible signals at James and Seguin and Miller and Seguin. It was noted noted that this is an item up for discussion as part of the budget process.

4.6 – Request to consider the early adoption of Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) in Parry Sound. Passed on to Staff for follow up.


5.1 – Tim Dyer, White Squall. Re: REEL Paddling Film Festival.

5.2 – Anne Bossart. Re: Update on activities at Tower Hill Gardens. CANCELLED

Resolutions and Direction to Staff

9.1.1 – Resolution. OPP Billing – Court Security Costs for 2015. CARRIED.

9.3.1 – Resolution. Withdrawal from Proposal – 71 Parry Sound Road. CARRIED. This was short and sweet with no discussion. Council recognized this was potentially a very bad deal and punched it out.

9.3.2 – Direction. New Site Plan Control By-law – Request to Start. CARRIED.

9.3.3 – Direction. Policy – Leasing Town-owned Lands and Water Lots. CARRIED.

9.3.5 – Resolution. Rezoning Application – Z14-07 – Parry Sound Dock Company Limited. DEFEATED / CARRIED. As expected, Council approved the rezoning request by defeating Staff’s recommendation and then approving the rezoning request.

9.3.6 – Direction. Drainage Regulation. CARRIED.

9.4.2 – Direction. 2 Hour Free Parking. CARRIED. Okay folks if you have some thoughts or suggestions regarding free parking in Parry Sound you have 21 days to provide input. Council will be looking at this again in a couple of meetings after the 21-day public response period has passed. See my council meeting preview notes for the background.


10.3.1 – Rezoning Application – Z14-06 – Waltmar Inc. – 2 Oastler Park Drive. CARRIED. There is a requirement to relocate the entrance for safety reasons.

10.4.1 – Agreement bylaw for shared By-law Enforcement Services with the Township of the Archipelago. CARRIED.

That’s it, next up is tonight’s budget meeting. It starts at 5:00.

Down By the River. Parry Sound in Black & White)