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Or are they? A train passed as I started this post and nothing in the past hour or so.

I hope you enjoyed the quiet little town we have had for the last three days. Nothing like a derailment and an engineer strike to cut back on the rail traffic through Parry Sound. I saw a train carrying rails heading north on Monday, likely to repair damage caused by the the derailment south of Timmins over the weekend.

So expect a little more noise and additional traffic backups on the rail crossings as the backed up traffic needs to be pushed through.

It has been a bad week, month, year, decade and new century for the rail industry. They just don’t seem able to keep their trains from running off the tracks. But on a positive side the railways have their business on track with profits booming (I guess that isn’t a word I should be using when discussing railways), and the railway executives being very well compensated for using their ‘given rights’ to ‘run over’ the Canadian public.

Here’s a link to a concise summary of the many accidents the train industry has seen over the past few years.

All Quiet on the Southbound Track. (Parry Sound in Black & White)