This week’s meeting of Council is very light. I’ll be there to listen to the deputations but expect the meeting will be over by 8:30 at the very latest, perhaps even before 8:00.


 – Iain Flemming, Festival of the Sound. Contributions of the Festival of the Sound to the Town of Parry Sound. I understand there have been some changes at the Festival in the last couple of months. It will be interesting to hear what has been going on and what is planned.

5.2 – Anne Bossart. Update on activities at Tower Hill Heritage Garden.

Resolutions and Direction to Staff

9.2.1 – Winter Access to William Street. Resolution. This is a follow up to the request from the last meeting of Council to provide and maintain pedestrian access across William Street in the area of Isabella Street. The recommendation is to not provide this access until there is a sidewalk. The issue is safety of people using the crossing and then walking along the side of the street. Sidewalks will probably be a 2016 budget item. They may also be included in the Wiliam Street renovations, Item 10.2.1.

9.2.2 – Pre-budget Approval – Replacement of 2004 7-Ton Truck. Resolution. A head start on the 2016 budget. This resolution requests Council to commit to a $100,000 expense for 2016 to pay for half of the truck, with delivery in January 2016. The first half, $100,00, was budgeted in 2015. The drop in the Canadian dollar is going to make this type of purchase much more expensive for the near future at least. The Town dodged a bullet, a $200,000 bullet I estimate, when they purchased the Ladder Truck last year before the drop of the dollar.


10.2.1 – OCIF Funding Contribution Agreement – William Street. The Town will be receiving $2 million in provincial funding to support the ‘renovation’ of William Street between Mill Lake Road and Annie Street including water mains, sewers, sidewalk and bicycle path. The cost to the Town will be about $800,000 in addition to the provincial grant.

There is more of course more, but not anything that I think worth highlighting. The full agenda is available at the Town’s website.

Bridge Over the River Seguin (Parry Sound, Night Crawling)