Last night’s meeting dragged on to 8:35 PM, just a wee bit past the later end of what I had thought. The reasons included the two deputations that Council let go on a little longer than usual, and the animated meeting reports from a couple of the Councillors. All-in-all there were few surprises but some encouraging trends. In one Council report there was mention of preliminary discussions regarding the relocation of provincial services away from the Parry Sound Waterfront and the Shell Oil waterfront property being ready for development.


5.1 – Iain Flemming, Festival of the Sound (FOTS). Contributions of the Festival of the Sound to the Town of Parry Sound. Mention was made of the Festival’s upcoming 36th season and that FOTS was identified by CBC as one of the top summer festivals in Canada.

5.2 – Anne Bossart. Update on activities at Tower Hill Heritage Garden. The deputation reviewed the volunteer driven improvements to the garden over the past three years and plans for 2015. Plans for 2015 include more renovation and maintenance highlighted by the development of a formal lilac garden. People wishing to donate support, financial or physical, can get further information at the Tower Hill Heritage Garden website.

Resolutions and Direction to Staff

9.2.1 – Winter Access to William Street. Resolution. CARRIED. This item generated much discussion from one Councillor who felt that the requested access could be provided without engendering much, if any, risk to pedestrians. In the end Council decided to accept Staff’s recommendation but requested that suitable consideration be given to providing a safer situation at the site when the Town makes planned upgrades to the street in the next year or two. Staff noted that cars have been ‘clocked’ at 100 kph in that area. Folks, this is a busy pedestrian area, let’s slow down. While we’re talking about it, how about slowing down on all of the streets in town?

9.2.2 – Pre-budget Approval – Replacement of 2004 7-Ton Truck. Resolution. CARRIED.


10.2.1 – OCIF Funding Contribution Agreement – William Street. CARRIED. This is the project that might allow for the better pedestrian facilities mentioned in Item 9.2.1.

There was more; check the Town’s website in a couple of days for a full copy of the minutes, but there is nothing additional I consider to be ‘material’. Next up is a Council meeting on the 17th, St. Paddy’s Day. Be there and be sure to wear green. There are plans for a Town strategic planning session on April 22nd at the Stockey Centre, details to follow. Everyone is invited to attend.

Meanwhile, Down at the Waterfront (Parry Sound Night Crawling)