It’s a packed agenda this week with almost two dozen items requiring Council’s approval and review, as well as five deputations. Many of the resolutions, directions and by-laws will require little discussion, but with a full complement of Councillors in attendance the meeting will stretch out. One of the bigger issues on this week’s agenda is a rescheduled deputation related to signage on the CN trestle crossing Bowes Street (Item 5.3). I had earlier sent a letter (Item 4.2) requesting that any signage in this location not compromise the safety of motorized and non-motorized users on that stretch of the street. We have had three preventable roadway deaths in Parry Sound in the past five years; I hope the Town doesn’t compromise safety in support of commerce.

In a related matter there is a deputation (Item 5.1) and resolution (Item 9.1.1) related to the Town’s Open Streets initiative.

The bigger items on the agenda, letters, deputations, resolutions, directions and by-laws are noted below. As always head over to the Town’s website for the full agenda and the supporting documentation. I guess we can expect the new website to show up any day now. It always takes longer than promised, perhaps because there are always too many ‘cooks in the kitchen’.


4.2 – Letter – J. Bossart, resident of Parry Sound. Re: Comments on the proposed Electronic Billboard signage on the CN Train Trestle where it crosses Bowes Street.

4.3 – Letter – Parry Sound Downtown Business Association. Re: Proposal to install an electronic billboard sign on the CN Train Trestle where it crosses Bowes Street.

4.4 – Letter – M. Fraser, resident of Parry Sound. Re: Moratorium on train transportation of dangerous goods.

4.6 – Letters from Supporters of Open Streets Parry Sound Initiative. Re: The Parry Sound Open Streets initiative will temporarily close streets to automobile traffic and to open them to people to walk, bike, dance, play & socialize.


5.1 – Glenda Clayton, Community Committee Parry Sound Open Streets Initiative. Re: Parry Sound Open Streets Initiative

5.3 – Trevor Pinn, Director of Finance and POA Court Services. Re: Income Tax Returns.

5.4 – Tony Romanelli, RCC Media. Re: Electronic Billboard – CN Trestle – Bowes Street

Resolutions and Direction to Staff

9.1.1 – Open Streets Event. Resolution. That the Open Streets Special Events scheduled for July 12th and September 13th, 2015 on Municipal Roads Application as submitted to Council April 7th, be approved.

9.2.3 – Operating Surplus / Deficit Policy. Resolution. That Council approves the Operating Surplus / Deficit Policy, attached as Schedule “A”.

9.2.5 – 2015 Operating and Capital Budget. Resolution. Council hereby approves the 2015 Operating and Capital Budgets, in principle, as outlined in Schedule “A” reflecting a 3.8% tax rate increase for the year 2015. It’s official, taxes are up 3.8% for 2015, plus any assessment increase from MPAC.

9.3.1 – Public Works Department Fleet Tenders. Resolution. Public Works is ordering up the much-needed trucks approved as part of the 2015 budget.

9.6.1 – Accumulated Transportation Funds. Resolution. Director of Public Works bring a report and recommendation to Council regarding the best use of the $77,435.06 accumulated for public transportation in the Public Transit Gas Tax Reserve Fund addressing how best to disburse those funds with regard to revisiting the partnership with Belvedere Customer Support Services and Town residents with special needs.


10.2.1 – Establishment of Capital Replacement Reserve Fund. Being a By-law to Provide for the Establishment of a Reserve Fund to be known as the Capital Replacement Reserve Fund.

10.4.1 – Ontario Trillium Foundation – Funding Agreement/Parry Sound Public Library. This is a $150,000 grant to cover the cost of replacing flooring, painting, fixing leaks, replace mouldy insulation, repair the entranceway and install a canopy. This is a much-needed upgrade to one of the most used facilities in Parry Sound.

There is more, but now that your interest has been raised you are going to check out the full agenda at the Town’s website aren’t you? Here’s the link.

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