The theme for Tuesday’s meeting is water. Water for drinking and water for swimming.

The Public Works report recommends that the Town stop fluoridating the Town’s water supply (9.3.2). The agenda includes a deputation by Dr. Jim Chirico, Medical Officer of Health, regarding fluoridation in the Town’s water supply (5.2). The content of the deputation was not included with the council meeting package. The Public Works opinion on fluoridation seems to boil down to the fact that they can’t make a recommendation on the basis of the medical or scientific information, but fluoridation is a cost to the Town and it is a challenge to implement. So if there is no clear medical reason to continue, they recommend stopping. There will be a period for public comment on the proposed change. I have an opinion, but it’s not worth sharing.

The other water related agenda item concerns a public pool. The Town is being asked to support a Carling Township initiative (5.2) requesting the Near North School Board consider including a pool and recreation complex with the future K-12 school. I have an opinion on the general merit of a pool that I shared in a post last week. Talk fortunately is cheap. Let’s pay more attention once it starts to get remotely serious. Internet for nothing and a pool for free? (Apologies to Dire Straits.) You can’t blame the municipalities for asking.

The Town also received a lengthy response from Canadian Pacific Railways in response to the Town’s concerns about crossing blockages and excessive speed. It’s worth reading but it’s only found in the full agenda package. It’s available upon request from the Town, or from this site at the ‘TOPS Agenda Packages’ page (see the top menu).

Sounding like a broken record, I suggest you at least review the Council agenda summaries available at the Town’s website before each meeting to see if there are items of importance to you and which weren’t covered in this preview post. You have the opportunity to make a short deputation at the council meeting if you want to express an opinion, or provide additional information, prior to Council discussion and vote. It’s harder to get things changed once they have been approved.


4.2 – Randy Marsh, Director, Government Affairs, CP Rail. Re: Response to Letter sent regarding track speeds, track maintenance and train braking systems. It’s long and it’s worth reading.


5.1 – Brenda Ryan, Chair of the Waterfront Advisory Committee Re: Slide show presentation of Town Dock Improvements – Phase 1. The committee has been busy and it will be interesting to understand their vision and recommendations.

5.2 – Dr. Jim Chirico, Medical Officer of Health. Re: Fluoridation in the Parry Sound’s Drinking Water System. I suspect this presentation will support fluoridation, but let’s wait and see.

Consent Agenda

8.2 – Area Pool and Recreation Complex. Resolution. Whereas the Township of Carling has circulated a resolution in support of an opportunity to incorporate an area pool and recreation complex into the site planning for the new K-12 School which will serve not only the students the entire community of West Parry Sound, attached as Schedule “A”; Now Therefore Be It Resolved that the Town of Parry Sound supports the Township of Carling’s resolution and urges the other West Parry Sound Municipalities to join them in support of this and in requesting that the Near North Board of Education consider a process for collaboration regarding this concept; and Further that this resolution be copied to the Near North District School Board.

Resolutions and Direction To Staff

9.1.1 – Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program. Resolution. That Council of the Town of Parry Sound supports the joint application with the Municipality of McDougall, for funding under the Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program for the Parry Sound to McDougall Trail Link Canada 150 Anniversary Project.

9.3.2 – Fluoride in Town’s Drinking Water. Direction. That Council direct staff to notify the Ministry of Health that it is the Town’s intention to cease adding fluoride to the Town of Parry Sound’s municipal water system, effective September 1, 2015; and That a 21 day Notice Period be invoked to provide the public an opportunity to provide input; and That the report and recommendation be considered at the July 7th Council meeting. That staff be directed to prepare a bylaw authorizing the ceasing of adding fluoride to the Town’s municipal water system. It would be a little cheaper to stop fluoridating (about one-third the cost of the hanging flower baskets), but would it be better, or even as good? That’s a question Council will be hard pressed to answer. I don’t think any of them have relevant medical or scientific training, and the Public Works report largely relates to the practical implementation of fluoridation, not its impact on health (for good or ill).

9.4.1. 9.4.2, 9.4.3 – Resolutions. Waterfront Advisory Committee Terms of Reference. Town Dock Improvements – Phase I. Big Sound Marina – Dock ‘B’ Redevelopment. A series of resolutions concerning the Waterfront. You’ll need to read the agenda package to get the details. There is movement and improvement.


10.5.1 – Business Improvement Area (BIA) Levy By-Law. It’s up 5.8% this year. The cost will be on the order of $300 to $600 per building owner (probably more for those with multiple tenants and higher value). The council package has a summary of where the money is spent.

See you Tuesday night.

Going Grey. Fitting in with the Town’s ‘senior’ theme?
(Parry Sound in Four Colour)