Well this week’s agenda looks light with only a few items for discussion, none of which should require much discussion. I’m sure you have noticed that things have been busy in Parry Sound with construction projects, tourists, events, and starting this weekend – Festival of the Sound.

The agenda for this week mostly focuses on updating policy and taking care of things that require immediate attention.

Closed Agenda Items

e) Louisa Street Wetlands. I’m not quite sure what this is about but I believe it has to do with the Town protesting a wetlands review of this area that might restrict further development of the area. We already have too limited space for residential and commercial  development.


Nothing that I consider to be of particular interest or importance.


None scheduled.

Resolutions and Direction To Staff

9.3.1 – Establishment of a 2016 Budget Schedule. Resolution. Woo-hoo, it’s that time again and I’m glad to see Council and Staff plan to get a jump on the budget process. Pushing it back too far means that too many decisions get too little consideration. I don’t note anything in the schedule that is listed as an open session for members of the community to put forward their requests and suggestions. As it stands now it’s really only Council or Staff that gets to suggest budget items for consideration. It’s possible for residents to contact Staff and Council with suggestions/requests but that may be making it a little too difficult for folks to properly express their position to the full Council. If a Staff member doesn’t particularly care for a suggestion it’s likely they won’t suggest it for budget consideration even though Council might look favourably upon it. Let’s have an ‘Open Mike’ session in September or October so the better ideas can receive proper consideration.

9.3.2 – Donations Policy. Resolution. Another opus from the Finance Department that codifies the process for handling donations and the issuance of tax receipts. I’ve taken a quick look and it seems to be more than reasonable.

9.4.1 – Tender – College Drive Intersection Improvements. Resolution. An additional $153,000 to fix up what should have been done properly the first time. Measure twice and cut once. Eventually we will have all these issues fixed up, and by then it will be time to start replacing services that have exceeded their useful life. The cycle of life shouldn’t be about fixing things that weren’t constructed properly the first time. A couple of roofs and retaining walls come to mind.

9.4.2 – Transfer of Capital Funds. Resolution. This involves $100,000 for repairs to the pumps at the Sewage Pumping Station No.6. Unlike the business world where ‘stuff’ always flows downhill, in Parry Sound we pump it uphill. Another one of those items that require fixing before their time.

9.5.1 – Consent Application No. B11/2015(PS) – PS Mall. Resolution. This item concerns the preparation to allow for the building of 77 residential units in a portion of the land occupied by the current mall at the north end of Parry Sound. My understanding is that this doesn’t approve the development but just permits the necessary subdivision of land to permit financing of the project. The resolution addresses the letter from Parry Sound Glass and notes that the concerns aren’t material to this application which is permitted under the current zoning.


10.5.1 – Thunder Creek Subdivision, Phase 2 – Subdivision Amending Agreement with W.E.H. Developments Limited. Being a By-law to authorize a Subdivision Amending Agreement between W.E.H. Developments Limited and the Corporation of the Town of Parry Sound. The net/net is that the Town has a $78,000 deposit from this group to cover Town paid improvements to cover the Phase 2 portion of this development that has not yet occurred. The developers would like to extend the grace period for the Phase 2 construction for another ten years. Staff is suggesting five years. In theory the money should be forfeited, but hey, Parry Sound is a developer friendly municipality.

Should we start a pool to see when Council meetings end? My guess is the Mayor’s wrap up will start at about 7:45. There is nothing here that should take much discussion and there are few committee meetings to report on. See you there.

Remember, the full agenda with attachments is available through the menu at the top of this page (TOPS Agenda Packages), or by contacting the Town Office.

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