Things went quickly and there were no real surprises. No surprises, but one little mystery.

The mystery concerns one Councillor’s request for the third time in the last few meetings for a recored vote on a finance related issue. It concerned Item 9.3.3 and the recommendation that budget planning be loosely based on the average current consumer price index, rather than without guidance. It was agreed that the resolution would not obligate Council to approve a budget in the recommended range, it would merely allow department heads to start budgeting from a point that was most likely close to what was to be agreed, not millions above what was possible. The suggestion was approved 6 to 1, with the Councillor requesting the recorded voting against the resolution.

This was similar to the other two recorded votes that went 6 to 1 in favour of the Staff recommendation. Is someone starting to build themselves a voting record that can be audited in case they are looking to run for higher office? Otherwise it doesn’t make sense, to me at least. These are important issues but really not that controversial. It might make sense to request a recorded vote if there was any suggestion that a vote would be close, or the matter had a clear material impact on the Town. Or you wanted to run on your record. We’ll just need to see what this leads to.


4.1 – Letter from Steve Gingrich of Gingrich & Harris. Re: Financial Letter regarding Audit of Town of Parry Sound’s 2014 Financial Statements. Noted and forwarded.

4.2 – Letter with local signatures from Tudhope Street. Re: Request for ditch improvements on Tudhope Street. This concerns the potential for accidents related to the ditches in the area of the new school and some of the mess in the area. This seems to be an issue that has been going on for a few years now. Noted and will be followed up by Staff.

4.3 – Dan Mathieson, Chair, MPAC Board of Directors. Re: Closure of Parry Sound office and relocation to Bracebridge by the end of 2015 and further consolidation of Parry Sound/Bracebridge to Gravenhurst in 2016. This was discussed as Item 9.6.1 and it was agreed that a letter be sent requesting that MPAC staff be on site in Parry Sound one or two days per week for the convenience of the Town and surrounding municipalities.


5.1 – Mr. Frank Hinde. Re: Three near misses encountered on Great North Road and Bowes Street while trying to cross the street. This deputation has been rescheduled to the next meeting of Council.

5.2 – Eric McIntyre. Re: Update on the background of the Atlantic and Seattle Anchors. Information was provided on the ownership of the anchors. A request for a deputation to the Belvedere board has been made and will be considered at the Board’s August meeting. As was noted during the deputation, it seems harder to address the Belvedere Board than Parry Sound Council. A bit of institutional arrogance perhaps?

Resolutions and Direction To Staff

9.3.2 – Approval of Consolidated Financial Statements for the year-ended December 31, 2014. Resolution. CARRIED.

9.3.3 – Budget and Control Policy. Resolution. That Council hereby approves the Budget and Financial Controls Policy, attached as Schedule A, for the Corporation of the Town of Parry Sound. CARRIED.

9.4.2 – Tender – Public Library Renovations. Resolution. Whereas the Town of Parry Sound received a grant in the amount of $150,000.00 from the Ontario Trillium Foundation on behalf of the Parry Sound Public Library for building renovations; andWhereas FAD Architect Inc. recommends that Council accept the tender from Incon Construction Inc. in the amount of $165,729.60, HST extra, this tender being the lowest tender of three (3) tenders received; and Whereas the tender exceeds the grant by $15,729.90; Therefore Council authorizes the shortfall to be funded by the Emergency Capital Asset Reserve. CARRIED. Staff has found funds from an existing 2015 budget item that will be used to cover the additional costs above the grant.


10.3.1 – Amendment to Council Remuneration By-law. CARRIED.

There was more, so check the Town’s meeting minutes for all of the decisions. The next meeting is September 1st.

Local Biker Gang ;-)? (Parry Sound in Full Colour)