The fluoride issue is back at Council this meeting in the form of additional deputations. The anti-fluoride is back again for another kick at the can. And Dr. Chirico is back to reinforce his earlier message in support of fluoridation. I see that the out-of-towners, notably Seguin and McKellar, are providing their input on what Parry Sound should do with respect to fluoridation. I guess that means I can feel free to provide guidance to their councils regarding their policing debates and eventual decisions. Good neighbours should, I guess, be allowed to tell others what they should do. Do as I say not as I do.


4.1, 4.2, 4.8 – Various letter regarding fluoridation of Parry Sound drinking water.

4.5 – Chief Warren Tabobondung, Wasauksing First Nation. Re: Support for the West Parry Sound Recreation Center Advisory Committee. Will appoint a member once other First Nations are invited to join.


5.1 – Dr. Jim Chirico, H.BSc., M.D., F.R.C.P. (C), MPH, Medical Officer of Health. Re: Fluoridation in Parry Sound’s Drinking Water System

5.2 – Andrea McIntyre, Parry Sounders for Progressive Water Management. Re: Fluoridation in Parry Sound’s Drinking Water System.

5.4 – Rob Mens, CAO/Clerk. Re: Draft Strategic Plan.

Resolutions and Direction to Staff

9.1.1 – World’s Largest Hockey Stick proposal. Direction. That Council direct staff to respond to Doug Graham that his request to erect the World’s Largest Hockey Stick at the Charles W. Stockey Centre and the Bobby Orr Hall of Fame cannot be accommodated.

9.2.1 – Railway Emergency Exercise – Out of Province. Resolution. That Council authorizes Dave Thompson and Peter Brown to attend a Railway Emergency Exercise in Calgary, Alberta, further to By-law No: 2002-4549 which requires prior Council approval for attendance at seminars, conferences, and conventions outside of the Province of Ontario. It not a question of if there will be a future major derailment. It’s a question of where and when. Let’s be prepared in case we are the unfortunate losers in ‘train bomb bingo’.

9.2.2 – EMS Service Provider Contract. Direction. That upon the recommendation of the EMS Advisory Committee, Council directs staff to award ApexPro Consulting Inc. the contract for the creation of an RFP process including the development and release of an RFP and the review of submissions with Staff to determine a recommendation for future Land Ambulance service provision in the District of Parry Sound.

9.2.3 – EMS Ambulance Replacements for 2016. Resolution. That upon the recommendation of the EMS Advisory Committee, Council for the Town of Parry Sound approves the pre-budget submission for the replacement of two ambulances to be delivered in early 2016 and further that the supplier of record, Crestline, be awarded the contract for the supply of these two ambulances in the amount of $115,107.84 +HST each. The ambulances shall be funded from the EMS reserve fund in 2016.

9.3.1 – 2015-2018 Strategic Plan Update. Direction. That the Strategic Planning Ad-hoc Committee advance the draft Strategic Plan based on the outline presented at the October 6th Council meeting. I note that the Priorities include: “We will partner with area municipalities and area groups with the goal of the creation of an Aquatic/Recreation Center being established for the benefit of area residents”. I suspect this should be an issue decided by the residents, not by Council. They were not elected with this mandate and it seems to be the pet project of a few individuals and organizations, some of whom may bear none of the financial consequences, yet enjoy the benefits.

9.3.2 – RFP Award for IT Services. Resolution. That the Council for the Corporation of the Town of Parry Sound approves the award of Part 1 of RFP IT2015-01 for infrastructure hardware, software and implementation in the amount $118,296.25 plus tax. And Further that this purchase be funded from the IT Replacement Reserve ($32,000), existing capital IT budget ($11,000) and the Emergency Capital Asset Replacement Reserve ($77,400). Direction. That Staff are directed to negotiate a contract, as stipulated in Part 2/ 3 of RFP IT2015-01 for the provision of technical support and strategic advice with Eleven Consulting.

9.5.1 – Tender – Digester Roof – Wastewater Plant. Resolution. That upon the recommendation of mitchellarchitects, Council award the tender for repairs to the Wastewater Plant Digester Roof to Designed Roofing in the amount of $36,800, HST extra, this tender being the lowest tender of three (3) tenders received, the cost to be funded from the Wastewater Stabilization Reserve.


10.5.1 – Incon Construction Agreement – Parry Sound Public Library. Being a by-law to authorize the execution of a Stipulated Price Contract Agreement between the Town of Parry Sound and Incon Construction Ltd. for building renovations to the Parry Sound Public Library. It’s nice to see the investment in the library. A few dollars can go a long way in enhancing the lives of so many.

I will be attending the council meeting this week to get a sense of where we are with the fluoridation arguments and the Town’s strategic plan. There is much more than what is listed here. Check out the agenda summary at the Town’s website, or click the menu item above (TOPS Agenda Packages) for a copy of the full agenda. See you there.

Night Work! (Parry Sound in B&W)