I need to correct statements made in yesterday’s Council Meeting Preview post based on information I received last night. The funds being taken from the Parks Reserve for Big Sound Marina, will not be at the expense of parks activities. The $140K being used, was ‘parked’ there following the 2015 budget approval and needs to be brought forward to pay for a 2016 expense related to Big Sound Marina. I apologize for the confusion, and I appreciate the ‘heads up’ I received regarding the error. I have also edited the original post.

However, it does appear that additional funds are required for the project, about $142K, that will require pre-budget approval. This is the amount that is proposed to be raised by means of a debenture. But I may not have all the information on this point.

As a side note, I was told this morning that at least one out of town marina does resent the fact that their competition for seasonal dockage, Big Sound Marina, is able to secure $400K in taxpayer assistance. I’m sure each and every marina in the area would be delighted to have governments (municipal and federal) provide them with a no-cost upgrade of this type. But that’s a separate issue that I have raised in the past and which has been largely ignored by Staff and Council.