The 2016 Parry Sound Budget documents are available online. Here is a link to the website that has all of the links including the actual draft budget and the supporting materials. I found the actual 2016 Budget link a little hard to identify (the link is a shade of blue is a little too close to black for my skim reading style). In case you have any issues, the 2016 draft budget has been saved at ParrySounds and is available through this link.

I have only taken a cursory look at the 2016 Draft Budget and will withhold comments on the ‘numbers’ until I have attended the Parry Sound Council Meeting on Tuesday where the budget will be introduced with preliminary discussions. The meeting is this Tuesday, December 8th, at the Parry Sound Town Office. Note: the meeting starts at 5:30 PM, not the usual 7:00.

One quick comment on the Parry Sound 2016 Draft Budget document. It is a beautiful piece of work in terms of design and clarity. I don’t know if the numbers add up or I will like the recommendations, but it will be a pleasure to review. Nicely done.

It’s All About the Nuts and Bolts (Parry Sound in Black & White)