A compilation of the 2015 Parry Sound Council minutes is now available at the page Compiled Minutes on this site. It is also available directly through this link.

This document compiles all the Town of Parry Sound Council minutes from 2015 for easy searching using Adobe Acrobat. It’s as simple as opening the file, clicking the Control Key and the Letter F together “Control F” and entering your search term. This will allow you to tab through all mentions of that word until you find what you are looking for. At that point you can then go back to the corresponding agenda and take a look at the details of the issue. To see the full agenda package you will need to contact the Deputy Clerk to send you a copy. It’s not posted at the Town’s website. The Town only posts copies of the agenda without attachments.

I notice that I need to update earlier year compilations and will get to that in the next few days. Information is interesting. You only need information when you need information, and at that point it can be impossible to find what you need. I hope these compilations can help.