What seems like a sleepy little agenda, for example there are no by-laws under consideration, has some interesting elements. It starts in the Closed Session where there seems to be some intent to realign the Public Works department. A realignment of sorts was implemented a few months ago when a portion of the Public works group responsible for parks and recreation activities was transferred over to the Development and Leisure Services department. We’ll need to see what eventually is decided.

There are a couple of updates offered in the Deputations section (5.1, 5.3). A copy of the presentations is included the full agenda package for those who are interested and won’t be able to attend the meeting. I’m most interested in the status and plans for the generation station rebuild.

The Public Works department is planning to purchase a street sweeper for a little more than $200K (9.2.1). All that salt and sand used on the roads that hasn’t yet washed away and polluted the soil and water needs to be swept up.

There is also the issue of signs, there are a number of permits up for approval (9.3.3, 9.3.4, 9.3.7). Until the Town decides to develop a comprehensive sign policy in terms of ‘taste’ and consistency we will continue to look like a cheap south of the border ‘tourist town’.

The big item on the agenda is a Direction to draft a by-law permitting an ATV thoroughfare through Parry Sound (9.3.6). I support this first step initiative and feel that a future accommodation needs to be made for Town of Parry Sound residents who have an ATV and will be unable to access the thoroughfare. Let’s start with this and then see what needs to be done next rather than get it perfect the first time around.

Closed Meeting Agenda

d) labour relations or employee negotiations (2 Performance Reviews, Public Works Department Realignment) 


4.1 – Barbara Fisher, resident. Re. Town Dock Gazebo. Ms. Fisher is asking Council to consider asking Cedarland Homes to pay for the repair of the existing town dock gazebo instead of new construction.

4.2 – Gail Campbell, resident. Re. Town dock Gazebo. Ms. Campbell supports the new town dock gazebo and suggested using metal materials to cut down on maintenance and increase durability. Photos of cupolas, weather vanes and roofing options, attached.


5.1 – Chris Litschko, Chief Executive Officer, Lakeland Holding Ltd. Update on Cascade Generation Station upgrade.

5.2 – Anne Bossart, resident. Heritage Preservation.

5.3 – Vanessa Backman, Parry Sound Tourism (Explorer’s Edge). An update and overview of Parry Sound Tourism.

Resolution & Direction to Staff

9.1.2 – Participation in MFOA Pilot Project – Long Term Financial Planning Tool. Resolution. Whereas the Council of the Town of Parry Sound recognizes the need for long term financial planning to ensure financial stability and proper planning; and Whereas the Municipal Finance Officers Association of Ontario (MFOAO) is providing a pilot project to test the scalability of a long-term financial planning tool developed by the Town of Petrolia; and Whereas the Town of Parry Sound has been asked to be the pilot municipality to determine the scalability of this tool; Now therefore be it resolved that the Council for the Town of Parry Sound hereby endorses its participation in this project.

9.2.1 – Tender – Public Works Road Sweeper. Resolution. That Council accept the tender from Joe Johnson Equipment for one used model Elgin Pelican road sweeper in the amount of $202,000., including delivery and trade-in of one 1995 Elgin Pelican road sweeper, this tender being the lowest tender of three tenders received for used model road sweepers.

9.3.1 – Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF) – Treetops Community Forest. Resolution. That Council authorize the submission of an Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF) grant application for the purchase of property for the purpose of developing a naturalized park – Treetops Community Forest – contributing to the Town’s trail development inventory per the Trails Master Plan; and That the Town make an offer to purchase the property, conditional upon receipt of approval of the OTF grant application and sufficient funds having been raised through fundraising efforts to cover the full purchase price and legal fees.

9.3.3 – 117 Bowes Street – Application – Council Approved Sign. Resolution. That the Chief Building Official is authorized and directed to issue a permit for a second standard sign on the premise of 117 – 121 Bowes Street according to the Conditions in Schedule “A” attached.

9.3.4 – 31 Joseph Street – Application – Council Approved Sign. Resolution. That the Chief Building Official is authorized and directed to issue a permit for a standard sign on the Joseph Street Road allowance according to the Conditions in Schedule “A” attached.

9.3.5 – Consent Application – B/7/2016 (PS) (Harris – 15 Parry Sound Drive). Resolution. That Consent Application No. B7/2016(PS) – Harris – 15 Parry Sound Drive, be supported.

9.3.6 – ATV Thoroughfare. Direction. That upon the recommendation of the Trails Master Plan Steering Committee, notice be posted that the Town intends to bring forward a By-law which will permit ATVs to access a thoroughfare per the route attached as Schedule “A”; and That this be considered as a one-year pilot and a report be brought back to Council November 2016, and March of 2017. Unfortunately, the referenced Schedule A does not appear to be attached to the full agenda package.

9.3.7 – 14-18 James Street – Application – Council Approved Sign. Resolution. That the Chief Building Official is authorized and directed to issue a permit for a sign attached to the building known as 14-18 James Street according to the Conditions in Schedule “A” attached.

9.6.1 – 2017 Strategic Priorities Budget Meeting. Direction. That a Special Meeting of Council be called on _________, 2016 to discuss the Strategic Priorities for the 2017 budget.

I won’t be attending the meeting this Tuesday and look forward to reviewing the minutes later this week. The full agenda package is available though the links at the top of this page.

I Hope the Last One Out Turns Off the Lights (Parry Sound in Colour)