At first look this week’s meeting appears to be light, but does in fact move forward with a few important initiatives. Item 9.6.1 is an interesting series of proposals regarding business critical improvements for Parry Sound. The attachments offer little detail in terms of the group’s analysis, and for the most part simply summarizes the recommendations. I encourage people read the Resolution with attachments in the full meeting agenda.

There are also a number of fund transfers on the agenda, Items 9.1.1 and 9.1.2, none of which look controversial. The Parry Sound and Area Chamber of Commerce, Item 9.1.4 is on the agenda requesting forgiveness of property taxes in consideration of major capital improvements and maintenance of the CN Station by the Chamber over the past three decades.

Consent Agenda

8.1 – Rail Safety Week – April 25 to May 1, 2016. Resolution. Be It Resolved that Mayor and Council declare April 25 to May1, 2016 Rail Safety Week in the Town of Parry Sound.
Did you check out the CBC report on the 100 most dangerous railway crossings in Canada? I suspect that Cascade Street would have made the list had the Town not invested in the crossing arms.

Resolutions and Direction to Staff

9.1.1 – Reserve and Reserve Funds transfers at December 31, 2015. Resolution. That Council hereby approves the transfers to and from reserves, as outlined in the Report and Recommendation – “Reserve Transfers at December 31, 2015” attached as Schedule “A”; and That Council hereby approves the transfers to and from reserve funds, as outlined in the Report and Recommendation – “Reserve Transfers at December 31, 2015” attached as Schedule “A”.
There are multiple Reserve Funds involved with these transfers. I suggest that the interested reader pull up the full agenda package to review the recommendations. I expect that it will be approved as per the Resolution.

9.1.2 – Charles W. Stockey Centre – Transfer to Bobby Orr Hall of Fame (BOHF) Reserve and to Unfinanced Capital Outlay. Resolution.

  1. That Council approve a reduction in the “Unfinanced Capital Outlay” (being the capital construction debt) relating to the Charles W. Stockey Centre in the amount of $27,745.69, this being the amount necessary to extinguish the unfinanced capital cost.
  2. That Council approve a transfer to the Stockey Centre Reserve in the amount of $32,954.65, being 50% of the remaining unspent municipal contribution from the 2015 budget for the Charles W. Stockey Centre.
  3. That Council approve a transfer to the Bobby Orr Hall of Fame Reserve in the amount of $32,954.65, being 50% of the remaining unspent municipal contribution from the 2015 budget for the Charles W. Stockey Centre.

9.1.4 – Request for waiving of property tax – Chamber of Commerce. Resolution. That the request from the Parry Sound Area Chamber of Commerce to waive outstanding taxes, be denied.
I will be doing a deputation on this issue. It turns out that the Parry Sound and Area Chamber of Commerce has invested tens of thousands of dollars over the years and is largely responsible for the CN Station surviving to the 21st Century.

9.3.1 – Tower Hill: Transfer from Parks Reserve. Resolution. That Council authorize the transfer of $5,000 from the Parks Reserve to the Tower Hill park operating budget for the purchase of furnishings for Tower Hill Gardens, per the attached Schedule “A”.
There are some interesting recommendations made in the full agenda package that should entice visitors to to the garden to stop and linger a little longer. Check out the full agenda package for more information.

9.3.2 – 60 Bowes Street – Application – Council Approved Sign. Resolution. That the Chief Building Official is authorized and directed to issue a permit for a standard sign on the premise of 60 Bowes Street according to the exceptions and Conditions in Schedule “A” attached.
This seems to relate to the new medical centre being built across from the hospital.

9.3.3 – One Time New Event Grant. Resolution. That Council approve the One Time New Events Grant program, attached as Schedule “A”.
The resolution proposes a total budget of $5,000 to be provided to organizations to support first time events in Parry Sound. It seems to be a way to help ‘make things happen’.

9.3.4 – Proposal from Jack Sports Group: GMHL Jr. A Team. Resolution. That the agreement proposed from Jack Sports Group for use of the Bobby Orr Community Centre, per the attached Schedule “A”, be denied.
This is an interesting issue. Jack Sports, owner of the Parry Sound Islanders hockey team, is requesting multiple considerations to keep the hockey team at the Bobby Orr Community Centre. Staff concerns range from financial, to logistics, to odours. It’s worth a read if you are interested in understanding the business of ‘for profit’ minor league hockey.

9.4.1 – EMS Power Stretchers. Resolution. That the Town of Parry Sound authorizes the expenditure of $48,672.00 +GST to Stryker EMS for the supply of three Power Stretchers.

9.4.2 – Decommissioned Ambulances. Resolution. That the Town of Parry Sound Council approve one ambulance being decommissioned in 2015 be donated to The Town of Kearney.

9.6.1 – Business Stimulus Report. Resolution. That upon the recommendation of the Business Stimulus Task Team, Council receives the ‘Business Stimulus Report’; and The Corporation of the Town of Parry Sound Council Meeting Agenda April 19, 2016 that the following recommendations be approved:

  1. That cost estimates for the following new infrastructure upgrades be prepared. Cost estimates should be based on upsizing and the provision of service laterals:
  2. a) Great North Road, assuming maximum development possibilities;
  3. b) Champagne Street, assuming maximum development possibilities;
  4. c) Parry Sound Road to accommodate the potential of an in-town Industrial Park;
  5. d) Parry Sound Road to Oastler Park Drive
  6. e) Emily Street; and
  7. That funding strategies for the above upgrades be developed.
  8. That the Town develop Terms of Reference for a “Meet and Greet’/Ambassador team; and
  9. That the Town’s web page be enhanced to include a tab featuring private, municipal and senior government properties that are suitable for commercial or industrial development, and for sale. The property owners will be invited to participate in the development of the property profiles; and
  10. That the current Community Improvement Program (CIP) be reviewed, specifically with a focus on the Façade Improvement Program and the Tax Increment Equivalent Grant Program (TIEG), with recommendation to be brought to Council in August 2016; and
  11. That an application be submitted to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs & Housing (MMAH) requesting that the approval authority for Official Plan amendments be delegated to the Town; and
  12. That staff develop scope and terms of reference regarding the delegation of site plan approvals that are straight-forward to the Principal Planner.
  13. That staff develop a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Town and property owner for the Beatty Big Sound property to ensure requirements for access and future servicing are considered.
  14. That staff research alternatives and efficiencies for delivery of Parry Sound Area Planning Board services.
  15. That staff develop weighting criteria to be used for the application of the ‘Principles and Guidelines for Private Sector Development’ policy; and
  16. That a priority planning session be scheduled with Council as establishing priorities will bring focus with a view to return on investment. (scheduled for May 19, 2016).

This is a large set of recommendations mostly summarized in the Resolution. I’ll take a later look at this and possibly provide a separate post on the recommendations. Take a look at the full agenda if you want to understand the basis of the recommendations.



I will be at the meeting this week, see you there.

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