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In an earlier post I noted that there was a higher tax rate, the Multi-Residential rate, for properties that that were multi-residential. The tax rate for these properties is about 50% higher than for residential units that have five or fewer units. (Contact the Town of Parry Sound for the exact number of units that are required to qualify for these higher rates.) This was why a new tax classification was required for affordable housing properties, where it was agreed the the lower residential tax rate should apply.

At the time I suggested that the higher multi-residence rate might apply to properties such as Granite Harbour and Silver Birch. I was wrong. These units, because they are individually owned, are subject to the same tax rate as non multi-residence properties, the baseline 1.000 rate. It seems then it is multi-apartment properties such as the converted hospital on James Street, the Pine Lodge Apartments, that are subject to the higher assessment rates.

I apologize for the confusion.

The Pine Lodge Apartments in Downtown Parry Sound