In a recent post I provided the content of an email I received regarding the Bobby Orr Community Centre. You can find the post at this link. In the meantime I have received information from the Town relevant to the earlier post that clarifies a couple of points and suggests what is planned for the ice pad. In summary:

1. The current BOCC ice surface is 85’ x 185’. I understand that is close to what the Boston Garden (now TD Garden) was at one time (83’ x 191’), a time before there was an NHL standard size. The TD Garden is now 85’ x 200’. The budget for the 2018 upgrade to the BOCC includes an increase in size to the NHL ‘regulation’ 85’ x 200’.
2. The recent renovation mentioned in the earlier post did not involve any change to the ice pad. The current pad is the same one that was installed some 50-plus years ago. An overhaul, and upsizing seems timely. The earlier renovation involved changes to the lobby, halls, change rooms as well as the addition of meeting rooms.

I would like to thank the Town of Parry Sound for taking the time to provide information about the Bobby Orr Community Centre.