There are some interesting items on the agenda this week, at least from my perspective. The first issue concerns the ‘repatriation’ of Official Plan Amendment responsibilities to Parry Sound Town Council (9.2.1). I have been thinking about this for a couple of weeks and will offer my thoughts in a separate post this weekend. It deserves a little more discussion than a single paragraph. It’s nuanced. The other item of interest is the only by-law on the agenda, a lowering of speed limits from 50 kph to 40 kph on selected streets in Parry Sound (10.1.1). That’s likely to annoy some people, please others, and result in speeding tickets if it is enforced.

On a humorous note (ha, ha), I see that once again the powers that be have decided to dock Anne the ‘e’ off the end of her name in the agenda, and of course they usually insist on adding it to the end of my name, Joe not Jo. Actually my full name is Josef, but I prefer it shortened to Jo rather than Joe (yes, there’s a story, and some logic). But of course when living south of the border my name was sometimes shortened from Josef, to Jose. That always led to interesting calls with telemarketers.

Closed Session

  1. c) a proposed or pending acquisition or disposition of land for municipal or local board purposes. (Lease Agreement)


5.1 – Ann Bossart, Parry Sound resident. Annual Update of progress at Tower Hill Heritage Garden

5.2 – Brad Weiler, Community Recreation Programs Coordinator. Community Recreation Programming – Update

Resolutions and Direction to Staff

9.1.1 – Tender – 3.5 Ton Mini Excavator. Resolution. That Council accept the tender from Bobcat of Parry Sound Limited for one new model 2017 Bobcat E35i 3.5 ton mini excavator in the amount of $58,755.74, including taxes and delivery, this tender being the lowest tender of nine tenders received.

9.2.1 – Official Plan Amendment – Delegation Request. Resolution. That Council confirm Resolution 2016-077, being the recommendation of the Business Stimulus Team to obtain Official Plan Amendment approval delegation and the withdrawal from the Parry Sound Area Planning Board.

9.2.2 – Minor amendment to the Purchase and Sale Agreement for the disposal of Town Lands. Resolution. That Council waive the Option to Repurchase, as noted in Schedule “B” to By-law 2014-6476, for a property known as Part of Water Lot D or Parcel D, Registered Plan 11, Geographic Township of McDougall, now in the Town of Parry Sound, being Part 1, Plan 42R-20257, part of PIN 52109-0182(LT).
It’s always tricky when it comes to agreements involving members of Council, even if they are not present for the discussion and decision. 

9.5.1 – Use of Reserves to replace Mail Machine. Resolution. That Council approve the use of $11,200 from the Equipment Replacement Reserve for the purchase of replacement postage machine.

9.5.2 – Use of Equipment Reserve for Parks Trailer. Resolution. That Council approves the use of $10,200 from the Equipment Replacement Reserve (20 year rolling stock plan) to be used to purchase a new Parks Department trailer, one previously scheduled to be replaced in 2022.


10.1.1 – Traffic By-law Amendment – Speed Limit Reduction. By-law 2017 – 6727. Being a by-law to amend Schedule “L”, Rate of Speed, of By-law 2007-5095, a by-law to regulate and control traffic within the municipality, to reduce the maximum permissible rate of speed to 40 kph from 50 kph on various streets located in the Town of Parry Sound.

That’s pretty much it, see the full agenda on the Town’s website for the full agenda and attachments. See you Tuesday night.

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