This is a must read item for those of you interested in understanding what is happening in the Town of Parry Sound, and where the Town is headed.

The agenda for the upcoming October 17th meeting of Council included a rather obscure item 9.1.3, Succession planning and organizational restructuring.

It’s anything but obscure, and outlines significant planned changes in Town Office staffing as a result of impending retirements and opportunistic staffing realignment. I won’t offer any commentary on the proposed changes beyond applauding this type of transparency on the part of Staff and Council.

You can head over to the Town’s website and track down, and download, the agenda for the October 17th meeting. The report starts on page 85 of the agenda package. Or, you can click this link and get just the succession plan portion of the agenda hosted at this site. While I always prefer people read Town of Parry Sound documents in their entirety as provided by the Town, I believe this is important enough to make it a just a bit easier for folks to access.

Feel free to post comments on what you think about the proposed plan and the associated changes.