There are a surprising number of items on this week’s agenda. None of them are controversial, although several are interesting.

9.3.1– the Request for Quote related to sand and salt provides some insight into how much salt and sand is put down on Parry Sound streets and sidewalks each year. The number is 300 tonnes. That translates to 300,000 kilos (660,000 pounds) or about 100 pounds for every Parry Sound resident. Well, that’s not doing the environment any favours.

9.3.3– Train Whistle Cessation is moving forward with the request to contract with a firm to conduct necessary studies.

9.5.1– Cannabis Legislation is just around the corner and it appears that the Town of Parry Sound is just starting to do the necessary study. I suspect that just as Parry Sound is home to the area beer and liquor stores that we will also be home to a cannabis dispensary. Hmmm, should the requirement that the 3 Bs (booze, banks and bars) be located in the downtown be amended to 3-B and C? Or, since the RBC is moving to the south end and not to the downtown perhaps we can take the banks out of the 3 Bs and simply rechristen the requirement as the BBC rule.

10.4.1– Appointment of Clayton Harris. Our new CAO will be starting this week. I wish him all the best. The Town is in good shape and he can hopefully take us to the next stage. Thanks to Rob Mens for his contributions to getting us to this stage.


4.1 – David Pearce, Supply Chain Officer, Stewardship Ontario. Industry funding for Municipal Blue Box Recycling for the second quarter of the 2018 Program Year – Parry Sound received


5.1 – Amber Gordon, Director of Development, Georgian Bay Forever. Georgian Bay Forever’s Pilot Project: Divert and Capture: The fight to keep microplastics/fibres out of our waters.

5.2 – Parry Sound Seniors Club, Board members Allen Smith, Gurneth Hoddy, Olive Duggan and Hilda Floyd. Requesting an increase in their grant and having a street sign put up advising drivers that seniors will be crossing in this area.

Resolutions and Direction to Staff

9.2.1 – Decommissioned Paramedic Response Unit (PRU). Resolution. That the Council of the Town of Parry Sound authorize the PRU being decommissioned in 2018 be donated to the Kearney Fire Department.

9.2.2 – Land Ambulance Contract. Resolution. That upon the recommendation of the EMS Advisory Committee the Council of the Corporation of the Town of Parry Sound direct staff to enter into negotiations in January of 2019 with the West Parry Sound Health Centre (WPSHC) for a 4-year extension to the Land Ambulance contract, that will address the Value Added aspects of the service being leveraging of paramedics downtime, Community Paramedicine Initiatives and limiting Non Urgent Patient Transportation; and Further that staff report back to Council on the progress of negotiations by the beginning of February 2019 with a recommendation on proceeding with contracted services or preparing to take the Land Ambulance service in house for direct delivery.

9.2.3 – Consent Application. Resolution. That Consent Application No. B 31/2018 (PS) (Halvorson), be supported.

9.3.1 – RFQ – Gravel and Winter Sand. Resolution. That Council accepts the quotation from Fowler Construction to supply, deliver, blend, and stack approximately 300 tonnes of winter sand per delivery in the amount of $17.52 per tonne, for a total amount of $5,256.00, including tax, for the 2018-2019 year, this quotation being the only one received.

That Council accepts the quotation from Fowler Construction for approximately 60 tonnes of Granular A gravel per delivery in the amount of $15.26 per tonne, for a total amount of $915.60, including tax, for the 2018-2019 year, this quotation being the only one received.

9.3.2 – Tender – Snow Removal. Resolution. That Council accept the tender from Adams Brothers for snow removal on town streets during the 2018 fall & winter season and 2019 winter & spring season, including traffic control and labour costs to clear around infrastructure including tree pits and hydrants, as follows:
Tandem dump truck: $95.99 per hour
Wheeled loader: $111.81 per hour
Blower and control unit: $111.81 per hour

9.3.3 – Train Whistle Cessation RFP. Direction. (For Direct Staff Follow-up). That Council direct staff to secure the services of CIMA+ engineering to assess five level train crossings in Parry Sound for the purpose of train whistle cessation as required by Transport Canada, the Railway Safety Act, Grade Crossings Regulations and Grade Crossing Standards; and That staff bring a report back to Council with the results/findings from the engineering assessments and recommendations.

9.5.1 – Cannabis Legislation. Direction (For Direct Staff Follow-up). That the Manager of Building and Planning Services be directed to prepare a report advising on potential Zoning By-Law impacts regarding cannabis.

9.5.2 – Extension of Parking Limits for the Parry Sound Seniors at 80 James Street. Direction (For Direct Staff Follow-up)


10.1.1 – 2018 Debenture. By-law 2018 – 6869. Being a by-law to authorize certain new capital works of The Corporation of the Town of Parry Sound (the “Municipality”); to authorize the submission of an application to Ontario Infrastructure and Lands Corporation (“OILC”) for financing such capital works; to authorize temporary borrowing from OILC to meet expenditures in connection with such works; and to authorize long term borrowing for such works through the issue of debentures to OILC.

10.4.1 – Appointment of Clayton Harris. By-law 2018 – 6870. Being a By-law to appoint Clayton Harris as the Chief Administrative Officer/Deputy Clerk and the Alternate Head under the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act for the Corporation of the Town of Parry Sound and to amend By-law 2013-6244 and 2015-6568 and to repeal by-law 1998-4000.