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There are too few occasions when I read through a Town of Parry Sound council agenda package and I find that I am smiling. This is one of those rare occasions. The smile is not because an issue I have been supporting is validated. In this case it’s because of a couple of items that are well presented, and enjoyable to read. The first is the letter from Wellington Pub (4.1) and the second is the R&R for a four-way stop at Isabella and Gibson (9.1.1). While not quite up to the standards of a Hemingway, these writers effectively make their point. You will need to access the full council agenda package at the Town’s website (here is a link) and download the PDF file to properly enjoy these agenda items.

There are a number of interesting items on the agenda and the subject of letters and deputations. Like kids in a pool splashing water on each other, members of the public are supporting and opposing the proposed splash pad (4.2, 4.3).

The biggest issue on the agenda is Item 9.2.1 Comment on Seguin Zoning By-law Amendment. This concerns the development of property just across the border from Parry Sound on Oastler Drive. I have cut and pasted below the map image of the proposed property from the council agenda package. This was so expected. With limited commercial property in the Town of Parry Sound and the low taxes of Seguin Township it was just a matter of time before developers looked at this property for retail development. There are restrictions on the type of development that will be permitted, including a limitation to development that requires low use of water as this area will require wells and septic systems. It is also in an environmentally sensitive area bordered by two lakes. Let me suggest that you are looking at the future location of the liquor and beer stores, and possibly a cannabis dispensary. Anyone think that one or more banks might move out there? What about a Ford dealership? Low taxes and lots of parking? At the same time the Town is dealing with additional demands for services from organizations that feel they should not be subject to property taxes. Hmmm! I have also read that the A word is being discussed and proposed to Queen’s Park. The new CAO, and eventually a new Director of Finance, will have a challenge in navigating the new environment. May we all prosper in these interesting times. (I don’t know about anyone else but, I MISS YOU TREVOR! I’m still waiting to see the draft budget.)

Closed Session

d) labour relations or employee negotiations; (Municipal Office Hours during Festive Time); (Shared Services)

e) litigation or potential litigation, including matters before administrative tribunals, affecting the municipality or local board; (Personnel Matter); (Planning Matter)


4.1 – Wellington Pub. Response to Parry Air parking concerns on north James Street.

4.2 – Chris McDonald & Erin Cardy. Request for Town application of Canadian Tire Accessibility Grant for Sound Splash Pad.

4.3 – Chantelle & Alexander Distler. Opposition to Splash Pad in Parry Sound.

4.4 – J. Hinchliffe. Property condition at 40 Waubeek Street after construction.

4.5 – Nick Ryeland, President, Park to Park Trail Association. 2019 Funding request of Council for $4,000.00.

4.6 – Karen Ainslie-Clarke. Concerns about snow removal.


5.1 – Rita Orr, Parry Sound Public Library. 2018 Library Highlights, and 2019 Budget and Funding Request.

5.2 – Tammy Pucknell. Water bill charges.

Ratification of Matters from Closed Agenda

7.1 – Non-union Salary increase. That Town staff be directed to apply the traditional category of increase to the 2019 non-union salaries and wages, (i.e. KFHG overall average for anticipated increases including 0% & decreases for the Broader Public Sector on base salary policy), less 0.4% to correct the inflated increase made in error in 2018.

Consent Agenda

8.1.1 – Retail Cannabis Regulations. Resolution. Whereas on January 15, 2019 the Council of the Town of Parry Sound “opted-in” to permit cannabis retail stores; and Whereas the Parry Sound High School Parent Council has requested standards for cannabis retail stores which exceed the Provincial regulations; and Whereas local municipalities have no authority to regulate retail cannabis stores above and beyond the Provincial Regulations.
Now therefore be it resolved that the Town of Parry Sound hereby requests of the Province that municipalities in Ontario be given greater regulatory controls over the location, distance separations and numbers of Retail Cannabis Stores within a municipality; and further
Requests that the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) permit cannabis retail stores in the Town of Parry Sound provided that:
• Cannabis retail stores are not to be located within 300 metres of schools which exist on the date of this Resolution’s passing;
• Where possible, clustering of cannabis retail stores within 50 metres of another cannabis retail store on the same street will not occur;
• Cannabis retail stores shall not be permitted on residentially zoned lands; and
• Some of the monies allotted on a household basis for allowing cannabis stores should be used towards adolescent treatment of cannabis misuse disorder.

Resolutions and Direction to Staff

9.1.1 – Intersection of Gibson & Isabella Street. Direction. That Council direct staff to create a bylaw to amend the traffic bylaw to include an all way stop at the intersection of Gibson Street and Isabella Street.

9.1.2 – Salt Dock Road Culvert Replacement Update. Resolution. That Council accepts the report regarding additional costs encountered at the Salt Dock Culvert Replacement Project, and that the additional costs be taken from the Salt Dock Reserves Fund.

9.2.1 – Comment on Seguin Zoning By-law Amendment Application. Resolution. The Council for the Corporation of The Town of Parry Sound is generally supportive of Application R-2017-0006-F (Coulter) and regional economic development initiatives, and requests that:
1. The property be rezoned to a site-specific zoning category that only permits the uses which were outlined in the Notice of Public Meeting (being auto uses, outlet retail, call centres, innovative technology-type uses), and that the Zoning By-law Amendment specifically note that municipal water and sewer services will not be provided to the subject property. This is to ensure the natural environment is protected and that any potential developer does not have expectations about the extension of Town of Parry Sound municipal services;
2. The appropriate studies are undertaken and implemented to ensure the protection of the natural environment, which includes the northerly waterbody (Anderson Lake) which is partially within the Town of Parry Sound, or the property be split zoned to ensure these commercial uses do not have a negative impact upon the waterfront environmental functions;
3. The Township of Seguin provide a notice of decision to the Clerk of the Town of Parry Sound.

9.2.2 – Pop-Up Patios. Resolution. That the Council of the Town of Parry Sound supports the concept of Pop-Up Patios (licensed and unlicensed) for the downtown area and further that the Director of Development and Protective Services develop with the DBA a set of Guiding Principles to encourage the establishment of Pop-Up Patios in the downtown area.


10.1.1 – Curbside Waste & Recycling Collection Contract Extension. By-law 2019-6890. Being a bylaw to amend bylaw 2011-6048, to authorize the execution of an extension of the existing curbside waste and recycling collection contract with Waste Connections of Canada Inc. for one year, ending December 31, 2019.

10.3.1 – Trillium Grant Submission – partnership with Rotary for Youth Programming Spokesperson: April McNamara, Manager of Parks & Recreation. By-law 2019-6891. Being a By-Law to authorize the execution of an Ontario Trillium Fund Partnership Agreement with the Rotary Club of Parry Sound for the submission of a Trillium Grant application attached as Schedule “A”
Direction for Direct staff follow-up:
That Council direct staff to prepare a policy on third party grant assistance.

10.4.1 – Dedicated Gas Tax Funds for Public Transportation. By-law 2019-6892. Being a By-law to authorize the execution of a Letter of Agreement between the Ontario Minister of Transportation and the Town of Parry Sound regarding funding under the Dedicated Gas Tax Funds for Public Transportation Program.

10.4.2 – Tax Policies – Capping and New-to-Class/New Construction. By-law 2019-6893. Being a By-law to specify the Town of Parry Sound’s Tax Policies, including claw back percentage, capping threshold parameters, minimum tax level for new-to-class/new construction; and to exclude certain properties from the capping program for the year 2019.

10.4.3 Tax Ratios for 2019. By-law 2019-6894. Being a by-law to set Tax Ratios for Municipal purposes for the year 2019.