I have removed the link to the abridged version of the council meeting. My bandwidth limit was used up. I’ll have a different approach for the upcoming meeting that shouldn’t have the same bandwidth issues. The Town’s video link is still available.)

I’m trying something a little bit different with this post. Some short comments on the past Town of Parry Sound council meeting stream, and an abridged version of the stream for those interested in what I consider to be the key issues discussed at the meeting.

The full council meeting video is available online and lasts a little over 2 hours. My edited version of the meeting is a little bit over 42 minutes, a savings of about two-thirds. I have included all of the meeting discussion for the selected items to ensure that there is nothing ‘lost in translation’.

The items covered (with start time if you want to skip ahead) are:

  1. Questions of Staff – Snow Removal Policy and Realities 0.00.10
  2. Item 7.1 – Town Staff Salary Adjustment 0.04.32
  3. Item 9.1.2 – Smelter Wharf Culvert Replacement 0.5.15
  4. Item 9.1.1 – Four Way Stop Isabella & Gibson 0.19.31
  5. Item 9.2.1 – Seguin Zoning By-law Amendment 0.29.59

In some cases the discussions went on too long in my opinion. A couple of my thoughts on the issues:

Item 9.1.2 – A contract is a contract. I think the Town is being very generous. Council has been much tougher on homeowners who do not have the resources of a major corporation. These developers would not be here if they weren’t able to make money. And had they known what was under the ground they of course would never have agreed to the contract. Had I known how Apple stock would do I would have bought shares 15 years ago.

Item 9.2.1 – Really? You want to tell Seguin what they can do with their land? I think the advice suggested in the R&R was appropriate. Advise them that property owners will not be eligible for Town services. Putting retail on this plot of land is a smart business move if the environmental requirements can be met and the businesses won’t require Town services. A $50,000 municipal tax bill in Parry Sound would be only $20-25,000 on this property. (Note: school taxes are not included. They are based on assessment not municipal struck tax rates.) That’s a big savings. In the end Council decided to start discussions with Seguin to add the property to the Town of Parry Sound. Good luck on that. We know what happened last time when the property owners in a neighboring section of Seguin were asked the question. What you want and what you can demand or negotiate are two separate things. Ask the orange guy who is the self titled ‘master of the deal’.

Here is the link (removed 2019-02-13) to the abridged 2019-02-05 council meeting video. I am hosting the video on a service I contract with. The full version of the meeting is available on YouTube through this link.