Nothing surprising in these minutes. An abridged version is presented below. Refer to the full minutes provided by the Town of Parry Sound at their website for additional information. The meeting video is available through YouTube (here is the link). It’s about 1 hour and 20 minutes long. I haven’t bothered to tag it as there is nothing of particular note.

Minutes – Town of Parry Sound Council Meeting Minutes (abridged)

1.4.1– Mayor McGarvey declared pecuniary interest on item 9.3.2, due to his affiliation with the affordable non-profit housing group. Mayor McGarvey left the room for the item, and did not participate in discussion, nor vote on the matter.

Questions of Staff
3.2.1– In response to a query from Councillor Keith regarding potholes, Director of Public Works Peter Brown indicated that half of the roads have some form of potholes, and that staff have filled about 50 so far, with many more to go. Mr. Brown added that there is a night crew working exclusively on potholes, and that one crew works the day shift on pot holes.

3.2.2– In response to a query from Mayor McGarvey regarding the status of the train whistles report, Director of Public Works Peter Brown reported that the engineer is hoping to provide a draft as early as next week, but it has been a challenge to receive information from one of the railway companies in a timely matter.
In response to a related query from Councillor McCann regarding whether a compromise might be struck with shorter horn blasts if the Town’s request to have train whistles cease is denied, Mr. Brown responded that he understood the railway company response would be “all or nothing”. He reported that if the whistles continue, they are mandated by law as to the duration and location.

4.1– Gurneth Hoddy, President, Parry Sound Seniors Club. Request for 2019 increased grant, for increased time limit to four hours for parking in the seniors area from Mary to Rosetta Street, and placing a seniors crossing sign near the club from Mary to Rosetta Street. Forwarded to Manager of Accounting for budget consideration, Director of Public Works for sign installation and By-law Enforcement Officer with respect to parking time limit.
4.2– Nathan Beatty, Chair of Board of Directors, Beaconview Condominiums. Request for placement of no parking signs on Salt Dock Road adjacent to the private drive. Forwarded to Director of Public Works for sign installation consideration.
4.3– Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve. Request to adopt resolution to participate in Partners for Climate Protection, to appoint a representative to area wide initiative and make a financial contribution to support establishment of Committee Terms of Reference. This item documents the deputation made by GBBR at the March 5, 2019 Council Meeting and has been referred to staff to bring forward to a future Council meeting.

5.1– Susan Hrycyna, Brenda Ryan Downtown Business Association (DBA) Downtown Beautification Plan. Brenda Ryan of FAD architects, Chair of DBA Beautification committee, gave an update on the beautification plan which has ten recommendation and action items to be carried out over the next years. Ms. Ryan provided rationale for the need to create and maintain a beautiful downtown space for retail health. She reported on the installation of four inground planters last autumn with funding committed by the Town and the DBA, and future plans to build two parkettes, partnering with Canadore College’s carpentry program, and two to three in-ground gardens. The DBA plans to purchase planters for each business along James Street for the use of the retailer to soften the façade. Three businesses have signed up to receive design advice and Ms. Ryan encouraged the Town to continue the façade improvement program. There are plans for a downtown specific signage bylaw to replace overhanging overbearing signs with quaint blade signs at pedestrian eye level. A fourth banner with a trillium design has been created. Country Gourmet is interested in creating a sidewalk café and the DBA is assisting to make that happen. Ms. Ryan and Ms. Hrycyna responded to Councillor queries regarding addressing owners of vacant shops, and more details on the planters both in-ground and in front of businesses

Resolutions and Direction to Staff
– Tender – Isabella Street Reconstruction. Resolution 2019 – 024. That upon the recommendation of Triton Engineering Services Limited, Council award the tender for the reconstruction of Isabella Street from Tudhope Street to William Street to Weeks Construction Inc., in the amount of $1,989,503.78, including HST, this tender being the lowest of three (3) tenders received. Carried
9.1.2– Salt Dock Road Culvert payment. That Council accepts the report regarding the additional costs encountered at the Salt Dock Culvert Replacement Project, and the additional costs be taken from the Salt Dock Reserves Fund. Carried
9.2.1– Consent Application – B 04/2019 (PS) (L.U. Maughan Co. Ltd on behalf of The Barrie YMCA). Resolution 2019 – 025. That a decision on Consent Application No. B 04/2019 (PS) (L.U. Maughan Co. Ltd on behalf of The Barrie YMCA) be deferred until an Official Plan Amendment and Zoning By-law Amendment has been adopted and approved. Carried
– Pool & Wellness Centre report. Resolution 2019 – 026. That the Pool & Wellness Centre Report be received for information purposes. Carried
– DSSAB pay property taxes for HUB. Direction Approved for Staff Follow-up That staff be directed to request the District Social Services Administration Board (DSSAB) pay to the Town of Parry Sound an amount equivalent to the amount of property taxes that would be payable each year by the HUB, beginning with 2018, had they not received 100% property tax exemption from MPAC.
9.3.3– Budget Meeting Schedule. Direction Approved for Staff Follow-up. That the dates as set out in this report for the 2019 budget deliberations be approved, including a Special Meeting on April, 9, 2019, and that staff update the Town’s Web site and Council calendar accordingly.
9.3.4– Georgian Bay Native Non-Profit Housing Property Taxes (PIL) – Request to DSSAB. Direction Approved for Staff Follow-up. That staff be directed to request the District Social Services Administration Board (DSSAB) pay to the Town of Parry Sound an amount equivalent to the amount of property taxes (PIL’s) that would be payable each year by Georgian Bay Native Non-Profit Housing, beginning with 2018.
9.5.1– Bottled Water Reduction. Resolution 2019 – 027. Carried

– Load Charge By-law. By-law 2019 – 6901. Being a By-law to amend by-laws 99-4113 The Heavy Load By-law and 2010-5408 Fees and Service Charges, and repeal 99-4114 The Water and Sewer Load Charge bylaw. Passed, Signed and Sealed.
10.3.1– By-law for Council remuneration. By-law 2019 – 6902. Passed, Signed and Sealed.