There is not much to comment on with respect to the last council meeting. The highlights and decisions are noted below. 

Closed Meeting

e) Litigation or potential litigation, including matters before administrative tribunals, affecting the municipality or local board. (Claim Against the Municipality Regarding 2018 Election; Town property matter)

f) the receiving of advice that is subject to solicitor-Client privilege, including communications necessary for that purpose. (Claim Against the Municipality Regarding 2018 Election; Town property matter)

Public Meeting

2.1 – Proposed Zoning By-law Amendment – Z/19/05 – W.E.H. Development Phase 2 (W.E.H. Developments Limited). Subsequent to an explanation of how the public was notified of Z/19/05 – W.E.H. Development Phase 2 (W.E.H. Developments Limited), Taylor Elgie, Manager of Building & Planning Services gave an explanation of the purpose of the proposed Zoning By-law Amendment, reporting that the applicant has requested to amend the R2, R2 (h), S.P. 26.49 (h) & S.P. 26.50 (h) zones to:
1. Permit single detached dwellings, semi-detached dwellings, and triplex dwellings (in the form of rowhouses);
2. Reduce the minimum lot frontage for single detached from 15 metres to 12 metres, reduce the minimum lot frontage for semi-detached from 10 metres to 7 metres per unit, and reduce the minimum lot frontage of a three-unit row house to 5.8 metres per unit;
3. Reduce the minimum lot area for a semi-detached dwelling from 300 square metres to 240 square metres per unit, and reduce the minimum lot area for a three-unit row dwelling to 190 square metres per unit;
4.Reduce the minimum interior side yard to 1.3 metres for semi-detached units and end units of three-unit row house units (interior units will be 0 metres);
5.Increase the lot coverage for semi-detached dwellings and three-unit row house units from 30% to 40% (including accessory buildings); and
6.Rezone the rear portions of the lots abutting the ravine/railway to an Open Space buffer zone.
The property is vacant and at the end of Winnifred Avenue, described Lots 21-49 and Blocks 51-54 of 42M648,
No member of the public responded to the Mayor’s invitation to speak in favour of the proposed zoning by-law amendment.
Al Kinnear of 16 Avery Court responded to the Mayor’s invitation to speak in opposition of the proposed zoning by-law amendment. Mr. Kinnear said that he thought the area would be pretty crowded, especially with 3 row houses, reducing the frontage to 5.8 meters, (only about 16-18′ wide per unit), with parking in front of these units. Mr. Kinnear proposed that the frontage should be 7 meters per unit. Mr. Kinnear also suggested that the frontage should be 14 meters for the single detached and 9 meters for the semi detached. Otherwise Mr. Kinnear reported that he has no qualms about the development; Mr. Hall has shown him the plans and he gives him credit for developing the property.
Mr. Elgie reported that two letters have been received as a result of the zoning by-law amendment notice. One letter is in opposition, alleging that the frontage will not permit enough snow storage. The second letter from CN rail submitted general comments which will be discussed in greater detail in the upcoming report.
Mayor McGarvey concluded the public meeting with notice that public should contact staff or check the Town’s website to see when this amendment will come back for a decision. Council, at its discretion, may approve the proposed Zoning By-law Amendment. If so, it must either circulate notice of passing of the by-law or give notice in the local press. Objections to the passing of the by-law will be received by the Clerk within 20 days from the date such notice is given, which objections will be forwarded to the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal. If an appeal is submitted and the appellant has not provided Council with an oral or written submission before the passing of the by-law, the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal may choose to dismiss the appeal.

Questions of Staff

3.2.1 – In response to Councillor McCann’s inquiry as to how the recent EMS Fundraiser went, Director of Emergency & Protective Services Dave Thompson reported that the fundraiser, with drive thru tolls set up in various area locations over the past weekend went well, with the goal to raise money for public access to and training on the use of defibrillators. Mr. Thompson extended thanks to those volunteers who participated in the fundraiser and those who donated.

3.2.2 – In response to Councillor Borneman’s inquiry of CAO Clayton Harris regarding the implications of the recent announcement from the province on budget cuts, Mr. Harris reported that there is a direct impact of 166,000 to the Town, shared with other municipalities with respect to cuts to Land Ambulance. As the Town’s budget was already set when the provincial announcement was made, Mr. Harris reported that staff is looking at what adjustments need to be made. In addition, Mr. Harris reported that earlier in the year, the provincial grant to the Town of $668,000 was announced, with the accompanying suggestion that municipalities look at modernization, technological advances and collaborate with neighbours to make local government more efficient. In response, Mr. Harris reported that the Town is looking at all its technology projects scheduled for 2019 and beyond with an aim to prioritize them for the biggest financial benefit, with a report scheduled to come back to Council on how to achieve savings. Mr. Harris noted that the indirect implications of the provincial announcement on service delivery such as consolidating health delivery into 10 regional health units likely has greater impact. When this happens, not only the Town, but the community will experience this.
Mr. Harris noted two things in response to these provincial announcements and implications, i.e. that it is fortunate that our Mayor is the President of the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO), with the opportunity for consultation between AMO and the province before certain initiatives are undertaken; and that staff are encouraged to get involved in their respective professional associations to bring forward issues to the province; e.g. the Manager of Taxation is involved in the Ontario Municipal Tax and Revenue Association, which may be consulted on property tax assessment.

3.2.3 – In response to Councillor Borneman’s follow-up inquiry as to what position AMO has taken on the provincial announcements, Mayor McGarvey reported that AMO has been reaching out to the government on numerous occasions, is at Queen’s Park every day and has responded to provincial consultations, such as a new housing plan. The Mayor noted that unfortunately with issues such as land ambulance and public health, the province did not consult, and it is difficult to make suggestions to an initial provincial announcement only that a general review is being undertaken. Mayor McGarvey noted that municipalities are receiving funding at 2017 levels, and it is unknown from recent announcements if municipalities are additionally responsible for First Nations and Unorganized Townships’ costs which have previously been funded by the province.
In response to Mayor McGarvey’s suggestion that the Town might advocate a message to the provincial government that it needs to consult with municipalities, the following motion for direction was made:
THAT a resolution be prepared for the next Council meeting which advocates for meaningful consultation by the province with municipalities on issues which impact municipalities.Carried


4.1 – Tom & Lianne Piddington. Concerns with water pooling on private properties from a plugged culvert ostensibly the Town’s culvert. The concerns documented in this correspondence have previously been forwarded to the Director of Public Works. Any further action is at the direction of Council.
Moved – That the Piddington letter be referred to staff for a report to Council at the June 18th, 2019 meeting. Carried

4.2 – Kyle Boyko on behalf of Inspire Tech Canada Corp. Request for Financial Support to host Future Technology Expos in Parry Sound Referred to the Finance Department to include with other requests to be brought forward at the end of the year, for the 2020 budget process.

4.3 – Township of Essa. Request to support circulation of Essa Public Library’s petition requesting reinstatement of funding to the Ontario Library Service (North and South) agencies to a minimum of 2017-18 funding levels. A resolution related to this issue is on the agenda – item 9.5.1


5.1 – Shawna Woods. Concerns with planned removal of anchor from Georgian Bay. Shawna Woods addressed Council with concerns over the planned removal of the anchor belonging to the Atlantic from its Georgian Bay resting place, as reported in the May 8th North Star. Ms. Woods noted that there are already 10 anchors located on grounds in Parry Sound, some without any history chronicling them, and none under proper conservation. As an avid scuba diver and manager of the local dive club, Ms. Woods advocated that the anchor be left where it is in Georgian Bay, and protected as an official dive site, to be a linking dive to the wreck itself. Ms. Woods noted that a dive site like this is a draw for other visiting divers, increasing tourism revenue. Ms. Woods noted that upon naming her objections to the person who located the anchor three years ago, he has reported that if the Town of Parry Sound agrees to leave the anchor alone, he has no objections, and will provide her with the coordinates so it can be registered as a protected historical dive site. Ms. Woods concluded her deputation requesting that the Town leave the Atlantic anchor where it lies and permit it being protected as an official dive site.

5.2 – Renata Purcell, Debra Jones. Strings Across the Sky. Renata Purcell introduced the program Strings Across the Sky, developed initially for Indigenous youth, empowering them to be self confident, proud and instilling a love of music. Ms. Purcell noted that Strings Across the Sky runs a music camp in the summer in Parry Sound, this year starting on July 22nd, and is requesting $2,000 to keep this camp running. Executive and Artistic Director Debra Jones provided further background on the program, noting that it is a registered charity, founded in 1989 by her aunt Andrea Hansen, who had become aware through a tour of the far north, of a 400-year old fiddling heritage there, and was impassioned to rekindle this tradition. Ms. Jones said that more importantly, the program targets at-risk indigenous youth and with its inclusion of non-indigenous youth, builds cross-cultural bridges, empathy and compassion. Ms. Jones described the unique and effective teaching method which has received numerous awards, as well as the social, mental and intellectual benefits of music making. Ms. Jones noted that the one-week summer program came to Parry Sound in 2004 in partnership with the Festival of the Sound and the Parry Sound Friendship Centre, and that as of last year, a weekly program has been developed, located at the HUB. Ms. Jones concluded her deputation with the financial support request, following which 2 members of the program – Eli Martens and Zaria Purcell performed a fiddle and guitar piece.

Resolutions and Direction to Staff

9.1.1 – Approve Signing Authority. Resolution. Whereas the Council for the Corporation of the Town of Parry Sound approved Resolutions 2014-030 and 2014-228 approving signing authority and credit card authority to Members of Council and certain members of staff; and Whereas there are no changes to the position or authority levels at this time; and Whereas there has been a change in the Director of Finance position; Now therefore be it resolved that Resolution 2018-026 be amended to formally remove Kim Chen, Director of Finance/Treasurer as a signing authority; and Further that Stephanie Phillips, Director of Finance/Treasurer be added as a signing authority. Carried

9.2.1 – Cemetery By-law Price List. Direction. That staff be directed to increase the price of Interment Rights only on the Cemetery Price List by 10%. Carried

9.2.2 – Cemetery Truck (08-090) Replacement. Direction. That Council approve staff to single source a new model vehicle for the replacement of the current cemetery vehicle (08-090) after no bids were received through the tender process.
Moved that the direction be postponed until dealers in Town can respond to the question as to why they did not bid. Direction to postpone defeated. The original direction was voted on: Carried

9.3.1 – Fire Department Health and Safety Policies. Resolution. That the Council for the Corporation of the Town of Parry Sound approves the Fire Department Health and Safety Policies attached as Schedule A, And further, that upon the agreement of the Parry Sound Fire Department Joint Health and Safety Committee, the CAO and Fire Chief are authorized to make changes to the policies attached as Schedule A to ensure that they remain current and in compliance with Occupational Health and Safety standards. Carried

9.4.1 – Appointment of a Designate for the Lakeland Power Shareholder Meeting. Resolution. That Councillor Borneman be appointed as the Mayor’s designate for the purposes of Lakeland Power shareholder meetings. Carried

9.4.2 – Negotiating Team – Seguin-Town Boundary Adjustment. Resolution. That Council appoint the Mayor, Councillor Horne, Councillor McCann and the CAO, Mr. Clayton Harris to the Town’s Negotiating Team regarding Seguin Township-Town of Parry Sound boundary adjustment. Carried

9.5.1 – Township of Essa Petition re: Provincial funding to Libraries. Resolution. WHEREAS the Ontario Library Service North and Southern Ontario Library Service provide the support for interlibrary loans, staff and board training, bulk purchasing, collaborative programming, technological supports, shared electronic book collections and shared catalogue databases; and WHEREAS the Town of Parry Sound supports the Essa Public Library Board in their initiative to circulate a petition seeking support for the Ontario Public Library Board in The Corporation of The Town of Parry Sound Council Meeting Minutes May 21, 2019 their request for the reinstatement of funding to the Ontario Library Service (North and South) agencies to, at a minimum, 2017-18 funding levels, in order for these agencies to continue their day-to-day support of Ontario Public Library Services, and to continue to maintain base funding for Ontario Public Libraries; NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT this resolution be forwarded to the office of MPP Simcoe-Grey Jim Wilson, MPP Parry Sound-Muskoka Norm Miller, AMO, and the initiating municipality – Township of Essa and to Minister of Tourism (friendly amendment). Carried


10.1.1 – Business Improvement Area (BIA) Levy By-law – Downtown Business Area. By-law 2019 – 6924. Being a By-law to adopt the estimates of the Board of Management of the Downtown Parry Sound Business Improvement Area and to strike the tax rate thereon for the year 2019. Passed, Signed & Sealed

10.1.2 – Striking tax rates for fiscal year 2019. By-Law 2019 – 6926. Being a bylaw to Strike the Tax Rates for Municipal Purposes for the Year 2019. Passed, Signed & Sealed

10.3.1 – Rezoning Application – Z/19/3 – 32 Riverdale Road (Laforme/Hubert). By-law 2019 – 6925. Being a By-law to amend By-law No. 2004-4653 (The Zoning By-law), as amended, for 32 Riverdale Road (Laforme/Hubert). Passed, Signed & Sealed

10.3.2 – Housekeeping – Deem Planning Applications Complete. By-Law 2019 – 6927. Being a By-law to amend By-law 2007-5089 to Delegate Certain Powers and Duties of Council Under the Planning Act (Deem Complete). Passed, Signed & Sealed

10.3.3 – Deeming By-law – W.E.H Phase 2 – Lots 46 – 49. By-law 2019 – 6928. Being a By-law to deem certain lots in the Town of Parry Sound not to be part of a registered Plan of Subdivision (W.E.H. – Lots 46 – 49, Winnifred Avenue). Passed, Signed & Sealed

10.3.4 – Appointment Bylaw – Ulysses Gibson – Municipal Law Enforcement Officer. By-law 2019 – 6929. Being a bylaw to appoint Ulysses Gibson as a Municipal Law Enforcement Officer. Passed, Signed & Sealed