There are some interesting developments as noted below.

Closed Session f) and 4.2, – Canadore and French School. Things are clear with respect to what comes next. The French School will be in Canadore for at least the next year after an Ontario Superior Court injunction. I don’t have a dog in this fight as my kids finished primary school a couple of decades ago. That being said we probably would have sent our kids to a French school had it been an option. I think Town of Parry Sound Council shot themselves in the foot with their decision. Had I been at the table with the same interests of Council I would have agreed to the one-year occupancy in exchange for a ‘standstill’ agreement with the French Board that would have prevented the French Board and Canadore from entering into any future agreement to sell/transfer the Canadore campus to the French Board at some future date. I suspect that Canadore is interested in retreating from Parry Sound given the financial realities of providing adult education. Unless the Town of Parry Sound, and possibly the surrounding municipalities, is willing to subsidize adult education it is likely that there will not be any local post-graduation education opportunities in the area. Is Bracebridge really that far away for people who want an education? It would make it tougher but not impossible. The letter, Item 4.2, is worth reading for context from one side of the discussion.

5.3 – Jo Bossart. Request for Closed Report & Recommendation item. I’m asking for the background information related to the recent acquisition of Big Sound Marina and future plans. I’m getting questions from members of the community about what’s going on at the Waterfront for which Council has not provided public information. (Democracy Dies in Darkness – Washington Post)

9.1.1 – Big Sound Marina Agreement One Year Extension with Massasauga Management Co. Resolution. The interesting thing in this item is the passing mention that while Big Sound Marina will be acquired by the Town, the Town Dock isn’t part of the deal. There is mention of a lease of the Town Dock.

9.2.1 & 9.2.2 – Wellness Centre & Pool. Based on the documentation in the agenda package I am beginning to believe that the area will have a pool complex, and I’m not against it. The documentation seems to suggest that the area communities are considering a joint funding agreement presumably for construction costs and operations that allocates funding support on the basis of a number of parameters, notably population, assessments and distance from the Town of Parry Sound. The Town’s share would be the highest at about 25% with Whitestone at the low end at a 6.1% commitment. These are the figures for the sharing of the due diligence expenses but might point to where the final cost sharing could be agreed. (Many hands make light work.)

Be sure to take a look at the agenda package available at the Town’s website for the full agenda and supporting documents.

Closed Session

f) the receiving of advice that is subject to solicitor-client privilege, including communications necessary for that purpose (Rezoning – 1 College Dr.)


4.1 – Eric McIntyre. Request for sidewalks at Isabella-Wood Street/St. Charles Crossing area.

4.2 – John & Christine Gilbert. Disappointment with Council’s zoning decision re: 1 College Drive.

4.3 – Parry Sound Area Food Collaborative. Support offered as the Town progresses through the Partners for Climate Protection Program, vis a vis food systems.

4.4 – Marianne King-Wilson and others. Request to proclaim September 28th as British Home Child Day.

4.5 – Peter Culkeen. Concerns with trees cut down near Champagne St. launch


5.1 – Oren Scott. Lighthouse Condominium Development.

5.2 – Nadine Hammond, Jim Marshall, West Parry Sound District Museum. Request for relief from part of museum’s water bill from first quarter, 2019.

5.3 – Jo Bossart. Request for Closed Report & Recommendation item.

Resolutions and Direction to Staff

9.1.1 – Big Sound Marina Agreement One Year Extension with Massasauga Management Co. Resolution. That staff negotiate a one-year extension with Massasauga Management Co. for the operation of Big Sound Marina similar to the current terms and conditions and prepare an RFP process to be run throughout the winter for the operation of BSM and Town Dock from October 2020 to October 2024.

9.1.2 – Land Ambulance Contract. Resolution. That upon the recommendation of the EMS Advisory Committee, the Town of Parry Sound Council authorize the extension of the Land Ambulance Contract (same terms and conditions) with the West Parry Sound Health Centre for an additional year ending December 31, 2020.

9.2.1 – Wellness Centre & Pool. Resolution. That subject to all area municipalities agreeing to participate as outlined in this report to Council entitled Wellness Centre and Pool dated September 3, 2019, the following recommendation be approved:
That the Decision-Making Model, Schedule A (Attachment 1 to report) be approved;
That the Wellness Centre and Pool Committee Terms of Reference, Schedule B (Attachment 3 to report) be approved;
That the Mayor/Reeve or other member of Council be appointed to the Wellness Centre and Pool Committee;
That Council appoint _____________ as an alternate member of Council in the event the designate cannot attend a meeting;
That the Wellness Centre and Pool Committee be allocated a budget of $170,000, excluding HST to fund the due diligence and governance work; and
That the cost sharing formulae, as outlined in the report, Schedule C (Attachment 4 to report) be approved for the purposes of funding the due diligence work covered by the RFP and preparing a governance framework.

9.2.2 – Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program – Community Culture and Recreation. Direction. That a request be forwarded to the six (6) area municipalities and the First Nations of Wasauksing and Shawanaga to submit a joint funding application under the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program: Community Culture and Recreation for the Wellness Centre and Pool project.

9.3.1 – Water and Wastewater Rate Study and O.Reg 453.07 Water Financial Plan. Resolution. That Council hereby approves the undertaking of a Water and Wastewater Rate Study followed by a Water Financial Plan by Watson & Associates Economists Ltd. (Watson) for the estimated cost of $34,920 before HST. The Water and Wastewater Rate Study with the Financial Plan is to be funded 50% from the Water Stabilization Reserve and 50% from the Wastewater Stabilization Reserve.

9.3.2 – Financial Variance Report for Mid-Year 2019. Resolution. That Council hereby receives and accepts the variance report for Mid-Year 2019 (June 30, 2019); and Further that Council hereby approves the expenses for Council members for the period from January 1, 2019 to June 30, 2019.

9.4.1 – Conservation and Demand Management Plan. Resolution. That Council approves the 5-year Conservation and Demand Management Plan, attached as Schedule “A”, for the Town of Parry Sound’s facilities and infrastructure as per Ontario Regulation 507/18.

9.4.2 – Bowes Street Storm Sewer Replacement Tender Award. Resolution. That upon the recommendation of Tatham Engineering Limited, Council accept the tender from Fowler Construction Company Limited for the storm sewer replacement on Bowes Street, in the amount of $106,473.80, excluding HST, this tender being the lowest of two tenders received.

9.4.3 – Commitment and Endorsement of Drinking Water Quality Management Standard. Resolution. That Council authorize the Mayor and CAO to endorse and approve the Town of Parry Sound Drinking Water Quality Management Standard and Operational Plan by signing the Commitment and Endorsement of QMS and Operational Plan, attached as Schedule “A”.

9.5.1 – Opposition to Changes in 2019 Provincial Budget and Planning Act – (as postponed from August 13, 2019 meeting). Resolution. BE IT RESOLVED that Council for the Corporation of the Town of Parry Sound, accepting the facts and sentiments expressed in the City of Stratford’s resolution attached as Schedule A regarding opposition to Changes in the 2019 Provincial Budget and Planning, does hereby request a meeting with MPP Norm Miller, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing Steve Clark, and other related ministries on the effects of downloading onto municipal governments;
and THAT this resolution be forwarded to the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO), to initiating municipality the City of Stratford, and to all other municipalities in Ontario.


10.4.1 – Cellular phone contract renewal / refresh with Bell Mobility Inc. By-law 2019 – 6946. Being a by-law to authorize the execution of a contract with Bell Mobility Inc., for the purpose of updating / renewing / refreshing the cellular phone, voice and data contract for the Corporation of the Town of Parry Sound and repeal Bylaw 2016-6627.

10.4.2 – Cemetery By-law. Direction. That staff be directed to forward this by-law to the Bereavement Authority of Ontario for approval.
By-law 2019 – 6952. Being a By-law to establish the maintenance, management, regulation and control of the Hillcrest Cemetery and Sylvan Acres Cemetery and to repeal By-law 2019-6940.