By popular demand here are the figures for all of the West Parry Sound District. There are some interesting observations to be made.

  1. The CAOs for the most part all make the same money. For other positions it seems the Town of Parry Sound is at the low end of salaries, notably Public Works. I wonder if Mr. Kearns took a pay cut to take a similar position in the Town of Parry Sound. Perhaps next year’s list will tell us. He has much greater responsibilities in his new position (water (supply and sewer), facilities, …). Even sidewalks and traffic lights are a challenge he didn’t face in his last position. It seems we were underpaying out last Director of Public Works.
  2. The Archipelago certainly has a larger number of ‘chiefs’ for the population they serve when compared with the other municipalities. They also have the best Christmas party from what I’m told.
  3. The Town of Parry Sound actually has a smaller total considering that it is responsible for the largest population, provides many more services, and supplies oversight for a number of district services, most notably EMS.

In the case of Carling, McKellar and McDougall it could be that they have a number of employees just below the $100K cut-off for reporting. It also could be that they replaced staff in 2019. Salaries are reported by individual, not position. That means a person who was earning $120K per year and left the end of October would have only earned 3/4 of a full-year salary or $90K, and would not have been reported.